Wednesday, March 10, 2010

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As I attempt to slice and dice, stir, shake, mold, and reform my art life, I haven’t been able to put my finger on the real issue. Why is this year is so different? Why do I feel so blasé just about everything? I am on auto pilot right now. Don’t get me wrong. I have been trying every method in the book to revive, rejuvenate, and break through the mud ceiling I feel hanging over my head. At least, I have kept moving and been creative in some forms. However, there has been a deep, lurking, ominous, dread cloaked over me in recent months. I haven’t been able to shake it or even figure out how I can rid myself of this “Black Muse”, as I call it.

I am patient though. My age has taught me things will be revealed as time goes on. I put a post up on Twitter yesterday that stated: “This is either going to end up being my BEST year or the WORST year of my life.” Only time will tell. However, yesterday I got a clue as to one of my challenges right now. I saw a post on Twitter about the newest Eva Lake podcast. I will admit, I have not paused and taken time to read blogs, look at artist websites, or listen to podcasts lately. Things have been too frantic and weird for me these past months. Despite this, I went to the website and downloaded the radio interview. This week, she highlighted the “proof: women:art:science exhibition” at beppu wiarda gallery in Portland, OR.

As I started to listen, I leaned closer to the computer. I sat there as if to lap up every word. I realized I was displaying the behavior of a person dying of thirst. I have been starving for artistic mental stimulation. I ended up listening to the interview four times!

I realized this is just one of my “issues” right now. I have isolated myself so much and feel so disconnected to any art community, I am longing for something to think about ART WISE. I don’t mean where to show or how to market or any of that blah, blah, blah that seems to be the mantra these days. I am speaking about WHY we make art in the first place. I am not a “pretty picture” type of artist. My work is about thinking and human emotion. I need some kind of sustenance to cheer me on my artistic way.

I want to thank Eva for helping me realize this. I want to thank her for handing me a piece of very delicious art bread with a glassful of vintage art wine.
Thank you for the art meal!

Click pic to go to KBOO Art Focus

Listen to the latest podcast. It will fill your art tummy!


Kesha Bruce: said...

Thanks for the excellent podcast link!

I agree. It's easy to feel isolated sometimes we have to work to stay connected---and of course that connection is its own reward.

Eva said...

Sheree, how can I thank you? You are very kind.

Sheree Rensel said...

I am being serious. (I say this because people have a tendency to think I am funny or tongue-in-cheek. I am not that way right now.) I have thought about you for the past two days. I feel like I have lost my "art" way. When I heard your voice on the podcast and the responses, I remembered who I was. Things are weird now. I just wish I had the talent and beauty to be a makeup artist for my day job. Teaching is not going so well now.

Ahhhhhhh......things will work out. I do want to thank you for giving me my direction back. You reminded me of my destination. I just have to find a good map so I can find my way back there.