Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Art Blog: Creativity in Forms

I am absolutely exhausted. I have already been repeatedly reminded this week that the feeling of being overwhelmed is just that: a feeling. I had planned on starting work on my teaching portfolio Monday. Instead, on Saturday I started sorting, making piles, scanning, setting up pages, and printing until I ran out of ink two times. A trip to Office Depot and a couple hundred dollars later, I was back on track. I am so glad I started it a bit early. I was overwhelmed by the sight of all the work. Where do I start? It was like the question: HOW DO YOU EAT AN ELEPHANT? The answer: ONE BITE AT A TIME!

After working all day Sunday and Monday, I got it together. I am not finished but at least, it has taken shape. I put it aside today because I had to get my FACE IT 5 online exhibition up and loaded on the web. Again, I felt overwhelmed this morning. Then I took one bite and then another and then….eleven hours later, I am almost done. I just have to get the artists to follow through and proof. Then tomorrow, I will put the final touches on the web pages and put it online at midnight. Then………… I will get back to my portfolio work and the zillion other projects I have going.


No, I am no fool. I just love being creative. I realized today that our creativity takes so many forms. When I started working on designing the FACE IT 5 show, I sat and thought, “What do I want it to look like?” It is like making an artwork. The only difference is you are using HTML instead of paint or wood or whatever. The same kind of thing happens when I make portfolio pages or any kind of graphics work. It is so similar to when I create a painting. I start with a blank canvas (the page) and create a composition with a message.

One thing I know for sure is no matter what the form, creativity takes a lot of time, effort, and energy. Like I said, I am exhausted. I haven’t picked up a brush today, but thinking, typing, arranging, and rearranging has beaten me today. Also, the stress of having to get things done by deadlines is very tiring too.
I am so glad I am on vacation(?) LOL LOL

Here is a sneak peek of our FACE IT 5 exhibition.


Jason Barre

YEP, Jason is one of the artists! However, you will have to wait to “click on pic”. The show is top secret until April 1st!!

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