Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Art Blog: FAVORITE Artists

We all have favorite artists. For those of us who are artists, we have one or many artists who have inspired or have a body of work we would love to emulate or assimilate. I know I have my favorites. I have a whole folder on my computer full of them. Whenever, I see an artwork that is breathtaking to me, I put a copy in this folder. Sometimes, I go through all the works and wonder, what is the common thread?

I have such eclectic tastes and attractions when it comes to art, it is difficult to figure out what the attraction really is. I have often tried to switch to my left brain analytical skills to figure out “What is the common denominator?” I haven’t figured out the answer yet.

I think my MOST favorite artist has to be Rauschenberg. WHY? I have tried to figure it out. I think part of it is his method of work. I love that his work LOOKS like he is a multitasker. I am that way too. The color of his work is so pure and in your face, it grabs me. Also, I love the Johns/Rausch stories that I heard as a young adult. I wanted to live vicariously through those days in Manhattan. I just don’t know why I love his work so much except no matter what he made, it has spoken to me. I guess that is what makes a masterpiece. It has to be a personal experience which provides some kind of life revelation. His work always does that for me.
What about you?
Who is your favorite artist and WHY?

“Why Rausch?”

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JafaBrit's Art said...

Rauschenberg is one of my faves, Kiki Smith is another. I love how powerful her work can be and the range of mediums.