Friday, April 30, 2010

Art Blog: Our ART ROOTS

Today, I was preparing a movie set. I had a big “floral” student made acrylic painting and hung it as a back drop. Then, I started to place vases of fake flowers around to give it a 3-D garden feel. I imagined the actors sitting in front of the backdrop amongst the flowers. The movie would be about the “seeds of success”. Basically, we are going to make a short video about setting goals and watching them grow.

As I hung the backdrop it was like Déjà vu all over again. I can remember being in elementary school and setting up scenarios. I was the kid on the block who would do weird, creative things. I was always looking for a new creative angle or project. Puppet shows were a main stay in my backyard. Dressing all the neighborhood kids in hand me down clothes, decorating their bikes, and scheduling a bike parade was one of my specialties. There was also the time, I convinced a neighbor boy to dress up like Santa. I decorated my basement as a “winter wonderland” and charged kids a dime to enter. All proceeds would go into a raffle kitty and the winner would win a giant candy cane. I got into trouble for that because a neighbor mom was outraged I was charging to see Santa. Looking back, I realize I was ahead of my time. How much does it cost to sit on Santa’s lap nowadays???

As I prepped the backdrop for our little video, I realized I have been doing this same job all my life except I get a few more dimes. Even though it is more than 45 years later, I am still doing the same kinds of things. I was telling someone today about how I would order art catalogs when I was a little girl just so I could go through them page by page. I might not buy anything. Instead, those catalogs helped me learn about art supplies, what was available for artists to use, and what you could make if you used them. This is how I taught myself to be an artist long before I matriculated into any art school.

The point I am making is that so much of what and who we are has always been there. Some us chose to express our attributes very early in life and if we are lucky. We are allowed to continue to do what we do best as we grow up, out, and into old age. Now, I only wish I had a basement. I think I could do an even better “winter wonderland” now. LOL

This is the backdrop we are using for our video. It is so amusing for me to look at because this 10’ x 4’ painting. It was painted by children; I acted as facilitator. It makes me laugh because this is exactly the way I would have painted this painting when I was ten or eleven years old. In other words, our art roots are ever present. It is good when we think about them once in a while.
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martial arts said...

hey nice feeling after reading post........

Patti Agapi said...

Great post, it made me remember all the crazy, fun and expressive things I did as a child!