Saturday, April 10, 2010

Art Blog: Phil Kutno, Master Artist

I actually got my ass off the couch and went somewhere last night. I talk about it on my new blog: St. Pete Peeps. I went to the Tampa Bay Blues Festival. I had a great time.

When I first entered the gates, I was on a mission to get a beer. On my way down the midway, I noticed an artist’s booth. Normally, I save my browsing for later. When I see the work at artists at street fairs and festivals, I go in, look at the work, and give a little nod of approval. Then get another beer. This time was different. Something drew me into the tent. As soon as I entered, I looked to the left. There was a wall of gorgeous, beautiful, and masterful drawings. The work actually took my breath away! This little hippiesque type guy sat in the middle of the booth. This was
Phil Kutno, the artist.

I struck up a conversation and told him that his work was phenomenal. It is so rare to see work of such high caliber and skill at a festival. He had prints of the drawings and lots of celebrity paintings/drawings throughout his tent. I told him I wanted to write about him on my blog. He gave me his card and I am following through with my promise. If you are on Facebook, you can become his “fan” at Phil Kutno Studios.

Also, I have posted his website link below. The sad part is online photos of his work doesn’t do it justice. Standing in front of each piece in person (albeit they are very well done prints), you can see all the tiny, intricate, and elegant details. Even on his website, you miss the up close experience. However, his studio gallery online is worth a look. Be prepared to be awestruck by his pencil work. Maybe someday you will be lucky like me and see Phil hanging out in his art booth at a festival near you!

“The Juggler”
Phil Kutno
Click pic to Phil’s website!


Michelle | Poster Prints said...

It's a jungle out there! I really like the black and white tones, makes it look more chaotic and has that feel.

Gilda said...

Sheree, Phil's work is phenomenal! Thanks so much for sharing!