Sunday, April 4, 2010

Art Blog: Robert Crumb – Genesis

"Keep On Truckin" By Robert Crumb

“Keep on truckin” seems to be my motto these days. I just figure if I keep moving and doing and creating, I will get to the end of this bizarre tunnel in which I have found myself wandering. I have fond memories of this "Keep on Truckin" image. It was created in 1968 by artist Robert Crumb. Like other rebellious, hippie-wannabee teens of the era, that logo became a tribal badge of honor. We wore it well.

I lost interest in Crumb’s work over the years. I have never liked comics and Crumb’s use of stereotypes and sexist imagery didn’t help to keep my attention. Back in the mid 90’s, I remember going to see the documentary “Crumb” and I wanted to walk out because some parts were so sophomoric and disturbing to me. However now, his work has poked me once again all these decades later. His recent accomplishment, “Book of Genesis” is a true eye opener. The drawings from the book are being shown now at David Zwirner Gallery.

I am not at all religious or even close to being a bible thumper, but looking at this book from an art standpoint is mind blowing. The graphic details and mastery of imagery is truly amazing. The sheer volume of work is unbelievable. Yes, this book keeps Crumb’s raunch intact. The illustrations depict all the titillation, sex, and violence associated with his work. However, the Bible is full of that kind of stuff. Crumb just put it in pictures!

“Book of Genesis” by Robert Crumb
Click pic to see some of the pages close up


Rebecca Bush said...

Thanks for posting on this book. I have the same feelings about Crumb although for me the movie sort of explained a lot about the disturbing elements of his work. I've always admired his skills though. I look forward to checking this out. Looked at the first few pages on Amazon. His drawing of the Tree of Knowledge is amazing.

Sheree Rensel said...

It is so funny I stumbled on this book just today. I too have always admired his drawing skills. However, when I saw some of the book plates, I was flabbergasted! Just the sheer volume of time and energy it would take to accomplish this book makes me tired! I am glad I found info about it to share with others. If anything, it represents the drive some artists have! :-)

RJ said...

I have this book. It is amazing!

It shows Crumb in a new light, and makes the bible stories come alive in a totally different way.

Highly recommended.