Wednesday, June 23, 2010

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The dominoes are starting to fall. The dots are starting to connect. It is so funny how things happen as life plays out; you see how it starts to make some kind of bizarre sense. Weeks before Father’s day, I was working on a video and had a flash back of sitting with my dad while he showed me how to edit Super 8 film. I was around 13 years old and I loved learning about how to cut film and tape it back together. Even though that is such an old school memory, I can relate it to my life and times now. I suppose this is why I had the flashback. If my dad were alive today, he would be in awe. He could sit and watch me edit without a reel to reel editor. He would be so amazed. He would be a top gun YouTube kinda guy. Too bad he didn’t live to see what is happening now.

Another connect the dots moment came a few days ago while I was working on my new computer tutor business. I realized that thinking “everything happens for a reason” has some truth. I didn’t seek out the opportunity to teach art. It found me and just happened. However, I realized that if it weren’t for teaching, I would never have had the opportunity to learn all I know about technology.
Dominoes fall. Connect another bunch of dots.

I have launched my “Wizzle Workz” company. I am taking it slow and easy. Considering I have worked on all kinds of stuff: starting a business plan, organizing advertisements, promoting, etc. etc. for the past three days, I can say I see something promising. It just makes so much sense. I have tutored before and my favorite clients were artists. I loved showing them how to do techno things. I loved it. However, I saw this endeavor as a passing hobby. Well now, I see it as a viable business concept and a good one at that. Also, it is time for Sheree to make money to survive. I tend to be overly generous. I tend to give it all away. I can’t do that anymore. I need to have a means to support myself. This business endeavor might help to solve this problem.

The one thing I have to remember is to just keep plugging away. I tend to go off on these elusive, creative, light bulb moments and within days, I am distracted and move on to other things. I want to see “Wizzle Workz” through even if it takes years. This is the perfect time for me to set up my computer art sideline job.
It is a perfect time for ME to knock over some dominoes
and connect a whole lot of dots!!

I really want to work with artists. However, I would love to work with anyone who needs help with computer skills. I know of many people who want to learn, but it seems overwhelming. That is why there are computer tutors like me. I can teach them!

I can teach anybody!

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