Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Art Blog: Magic Wand! PRESTO!

I have been working, working, working. NO. Not art working YET. I have had to deal with the studio mess brought on by moving 17 years worth of STUFF into my studio. I was very worried. I thought "How am I going to pull this off?" It is kind of funny because I have a lot of neurotic tendencies that are at odds with each other. I am a natural hoarder and pack rat. Show me an artist who is not! However, I am also an “order freak”. It isn't that I need total cleanliness, but I need things neat. I need things to have some kind of order and organization. If you put both traits together, you end up with a crazy, looney person pacing around in circles talking jibberish if things seem awry.

Since I am old enough to have experience with this tendency to suffer bouts of mental illness and know the drill, I knew I was about to start jabbering and pacing at any moment after taking the photos of my wrecked studio. I had a friend come over on Friday and even he scrunched his nose and lifted his eyebrows. He knows me well enough, I think he even got worried.

WELL!! I got out my magic wand and a load of adrenaline. I cleaned closets, I filled trash barrels, and hoisted crap up onto the loft. I got it done. It is like MAGIC!! I am ready to paint again!!

Three days ago, my studio looked like this. I wrote about it on my blog. Click pic to see more pics of the disaster.

However, I took out my magic wand and PRESTO CHANGO!!
Click the pic of my “LuLu” to see the transformation!
P.S. The rest of my house is all neat and tidy too. I have to have order!!!

I made a new studio photo for my website.
It features “Little LuLu” the Studio Wonder dog!! (When you get to my studio webpage, scroll down to see current pic!)

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