Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I know this already. Yes. I know all this in my heart of hearts. However like so many of you, I ignored my own knowledge and went on my way. I have been a lost GIRL. I have allowed myself to lose my way. I have been like a little girl in the woods and I have lost track of where I was going or where my destination was supposed to be. Oh well. We live and learn.

The thing I KNOW for sure is that life is full of moments. We can pay attention or ignore. Despite our own actions, we are immersed in these illusive moments that can change our life (for the good or bad). I have had quite a few of these “moments” this year.

I have felt like I was in the middle of a whirlpool. I kept waiting for someone to throw me a life vest. However I now realize that was not in the plan. I realized today that waiting on help from someone else was not in the moment. I was tossed swirling round and round and I was supposed to figure out how to stop MYself from twirling.

THEN, something happened. FINALLY! It was not my doing. I contributed to the energy of change, but I had no idea if anything would happen. Well, today it did. In ONE MOMENT, I got news; then, my attitude and life changed. In ONE MOMENT something happened that knocked my whole present and future on it’s ass. In ONE MOMENT something happened that makes me feel like Sheree again.

Despite the feelings of glee, I am mad at myself in a strange way. Why did I allow life circumstances to throw me for such a grand loop? I am not joking here. I have been in the “dead zone” for months. Yes, I have maintained and continued to move, but it has been similar to the zombies in the “Night of the Living Dead”. I just kept moving slow and scary. Shame on me. Yet, I did the best I could do at the time.

Even though most of my life is online, I have lots of art that has never been shown anywhere. I made it, set it on a shelf, and that was the end of it. I guess it was supposed to be for me. “The GIRL I never was or will be” is one of those pieces. It sits in my house for me to pass by and admire. I think it might be so personal; I have never put it in a show. Who knows? It doesn’t matter anyway. One thing I know for sure in this ONE MOMENT “GIRL” reminds me of who I really am. I am that girl and I am the way I am supposed to be in this MOMENT.

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ThrillRider said...

oh my god! i really loved this one. about how one moment can make a whole lot of the difference :D