Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Art Blog: So DAMN Lucky!

This is why I believe in UNIVERSAL principles. Even though I am a Dave Matthews groupie, there have been certain songs I have missed over the years. Maybe I heard them, but I didn’t pay attention. Well, I am paying attention now.

“So Damn Lucky” Dave Matthews
Everything's different
With my head in the clouds
I hit this corner
With my foot on the gas
I started sliding, I lose it
Everything's different just like that

Oh my God, wait and see
What will soon become of me?
Frozen heart
Screaming wheels
Does that screaming come from me?

I need to hear this NOW. I need to use these words as a catalyst to obtaining my new life and dreams. Yes, my head is in the clouds right now. I hit the corner and put my foot on the gas.

The reference to “starting to slide” is funny to me. I made the decision to move to Florida during a minute or two long slide on ice while on the expressway in Detroit. I thought “If I get out of this alive, I am moving to Florida!” Well, I did and I did.

All this is history and water under the bridge. I am only interested in the NOW. I am sliding again. The wheels are screaming. I know for sure the sounds come from me. I have to do things differently. I just don’t know what or how. It is ironic because my deadline to make a decision is the end of July. I have reservations to go see Dave Matthews July 28th. The night of that concert will be my deadline. Hmmmmmmmm.

Yes. The Universe works in strange ways, but I am going to trust it. Things have always worked out for me in the most unusual ways. I have to have faith.
I do.

It will be all good. I have to believe this.

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