Thursday, July 8, 2010

Art Blog: Are you FAMOUS yet?

The thesis of this blog post started with the photo of Myrtle.

Great Grandma Myrtle Sandusky Webb 1882-1968

You see all of a sudden, I have started to piece together my lineage. This is a strange task. My family is very disjointed. Thankfully, my aunt (sister of my dad) contacted me on Father’s Day and sent me some family pictures. This started the conversation. For the past week, she has filled in a lot of gaps with stories and photos. I have taken it from there.

One of the most fascinating thoughts I have had is how our society today is SO DIFFERENT from decades before. Let’s take Myrtle. When I got this picture, the first thing I thought was she looked so unhappy and depressed. When I told my aunt of my observation she told me: Myrtle never had a job (except to raise children) and she never could drive a car. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. This made me think.

I started imagining living during another era. Let’s take early 1900’s. Obviously, there was no technology or internet. There was no television. There wasn’t much of anything except living in a house, taking care of kids, and going to church on Sunday. That is it. I started to compare this with my life and all our lives now.
We clamor for our 15 minutes of fame. We chant “Pick Me, Pick ME” via internet websites, Facebook, and/or Twitter posts. We want recognition.

We want FAME. Yet, I have to step back and think of Myrtle. She had a quiet, ordinary life. Among her many life achievements, she helped to make ME. I think that is outstanding!!! LOL

Regarding Myrtle’s lack of choices, I started thinking about how lucky I really am. I remember being 16 years old. I just wanted freedom. I worked at a dry cleaners and my coworker told me her father was throwing away their family car. My eyes got big and I asked if he would sell it to me. He did for $50. Being the artist I am, I went to the store and bought bunches of yellow-orange and red-orange spray paint. I painted that car and it became my ticket to freedom.

Life couldn’t get better at that point. I had a job; I had a car; I was a budding artist; I was FREE!

Maybe FAME isn’t the issue. Maybe we just want to be loved and feel the love of life. We all want attention. NOWADAYS, we want fame and to be recognized by someone, anyone!
Well, I am paying attention to your life now Grandma. I think you are famous because you lived your life the best you could.
I am one of the products.
You did good!


ThrillRider said...

i completely agree with you and life back in the 1900's. i liked reading it :)

gilda said...

I have been scouring the internet and family lore for insights into my family history, and I can attest to how fulfilling it is! Keep going!

I loved the picture of your great grandma. She looks solid, strong and forceful....and sensitive, too. Its amazing what you can see in those faces. Can you see your eyes in hers, Sheree?

JafaBrit's Art said...

what a lovely post :)