Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Art Blog: Artist's Delight

Among other reoccurring images and objects in my work are chairs. I have no idea why. They just pop up here, there, and everywhere.

Today I was going through my book shelf looking for a book. I found another book I hadn’t picked up in years. The book was “A Life in the Arts” by Eric Maisel. I had read this book long ago. I decided to flip through it again. One thing that perked my interest is the topic of why artists choose the medium they choose.

I am a painter and this hit home with me in a timely way. Just yesterday, I was sitting on my living room floor and my eyes became fixed on a little painted chair I have on the side of the room. I wasn’t really looking at the whole chair. My eyes were transfixed on a few paint strokes along the side. I just sat there and looked at these small, drippy, colorful stokes. I was amazed just by the vision. It occurred to me then that just the mere sight of paint which reveals the hand of an artist gives me pure delight.

As artists we tend to use more than one media. At least, I do. I will digitally create one minute and then work on a mixed media assemblage the next. However, there is just something about painting that always draws me in. It is where I live. It makes me feel alive. It is part of me.
This is why I chose to be a painter.

Paint makes me feel happy.

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