Saturday, July 10, 2010


I know things are so hard right now for many people. The economy has left many devastated. Everyone is feeling the $$$ pinch. However, I got a reality check this week. As I told you in the last post, I have been working on an ancestry project. I have been snooping around the web, getting photos from relatives, and listening to stories I have never heard before about my lineage.

I finally got a chance to ask questions about very early memories of my life. I can remember things as far back as the age of two. One of those memories involved being at a church. It just had to be a Pentecostal church, because I remember the sounds. Every time I see a Pentecostal service on TV, I am reminded of this memory. I can remember the “Jesus” fans waving and the noise was so outrageous, I tuned it out. I just watched those fans swaying back and forth, back and forth. (In fact, I now think this is going to be the premise for a new art project. I want to make a series of church fans.)

Anyway, I related this memory to my aunt and she confirmed it. This confirmation made me so happy because sometimes I think my memories are fictitious. I feared I was rewriting history via my imagination. When we spoke of the scenario of this memory, she mentioned details. One detail was going to my Great Grandma Bowling’s out house. OUT HOUSE?? Say what? For some reason, that statement just shook me to the core. Of course they had out houses back then.
Why are you so shocked Sheree?

Simultaneous to this conversation, I was receiving photos of my relatives. Some of them are in very bad shape. I wanted to fix them up and make them new again. I worked on this one.

Grandma Nancy holding Uncle Darwin circa 1927

After I was done, I just sat here and looked at the photo. Look at the environment and setting. This was only two generations ago. My mind wandered and I realized how far we have come. This is not only about me and my relatives. WE as American people have worked so hard for decades and decades to improve our lives. The economic difficulties we are experiencing today are nothing compared to what our past relatives had to endure.
Flash forward to my own meager, but bright and shiny little bungalow. I live here in full color. I even have a bathroom!!

We need to check our own realities. We all have to realize life can be so hard and has the potential to be extremely difficult (especially for our ancestors). We need to thank them for bringing us to this point in our lives and history.

Each time I go into my “Flamingo Room” bathroom, I am going to think about Grandma Bowling’s outhouse.

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JafaBrit's Art said...

Some of my relatives were still living in houses without bathrooms in the 70's. I hated going outside to use the netty after it got dark. I appreciate what I have each and every day.
love your bathroom Sheree :)