Sunday, December 12, 2010


I gallery sat for three hours last night. It was one of the longest three hour stints of my life. The boredom factor is partially my own fault. I have become so accustomed to doing whatever I want when I want, the idea of having to stay in one place for three hours with basically nothing to do except people watch almost made me crawl out of my skin. When one of the gallery workers came to lock up at closing time, I almost hugged him. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.
However, I want to do this again. No. I am not a glutton for punishment. I realize this was a learning experience. Also, it was therapeutic. I need to get myself back out and start participating in life, that is, ART LIFE. Very few people know Sheree the artist in St. Petersburg. That is OK because I take responsibility and haven’t made an effort to know them either. LOL I have been just fine working all alone in my little Tyrone Blvd. art house making things that fly off to this show or that. Then come back home and become fixtures on my walls floor to ceiling. I have only made half baked attempts to hard sell or even try to get the work out. I guess it is because I have been there, done that. Apparently, the thrill is gone.
Yet just like that long lecture in school that you thought would never end, I sat listening to the tick, tick, tick of time dragging on at the gallery, but had the opportunity to THINK and LEARN. I watched the gallery patrons as they looked at art in the gallery. I took mental notes of what they were drawn to and whose work was appealing to them. One thing I noticed was so many knew the artists whose work was in the show. Their approval of the work wasn’t so much about the quality of the work. It was more about the quality of their relationship with the artist. Some visitors went down the line and stated out loud “Oh this is “Bob’s” work! Oh there is another “Jane” painting! My paintings went pretty much unnoticed because nobody knows “Sheree”. Maybe I should work on that.
Another thing that has resulted by actually leaving my safe, comfortable art homestead is I got a jolt of art adrenaline. I woke up this morning full of ideas of what I should do next and how I should do it. I even got bunches of ideas for blog topics for which I want to speak. In other words, it has put a little fire under me. One thing I know for sure is I have to start making some smaller things with more affordable prices. Last night, there were quite a few patrons, yet I only sold two handmade greeting cards by a local artist. That is a sign of the times. Most people who want to support the arts can’t buy art for thousands. They can handle a few dollars here and there. So it is back to the drawing board (literally) for me. My strategy for now is to concentrate on making some affordable items not only to sell, but to help get my name out into this community. Sounds like a win/win plan to me.

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