Sunday, February 27, 2011


I signed the lease to my new studio on January 3rd. I have had such great anxiety about getting this studio up and running. I had all kinds of little tasks to do before I could feel comfortable and productive in this tiny (but affordable), new space. First, there was the moving in part. Now remember, I work a full time job teaching, as well as being an artist too. I managed to drag stuff up there an hour and a day at a time. One load here, then a couple of days later another car load arrived.

Once I got all the stuff up there, I needed to ORGANIZE. For those of you who don’t really know me, you have to understand. I am an organization freak. I put everything in boxes/tubs/containers of all sorts and I label everything. Shoot, it is surprising if I don’t put a label on the door “THIS IS THE DOOR”. I can’t help it. I am a bit OCD and labeling and compartmentalizing helps me to feel I have some sort of control over my world.

Next came the arrangement of the space and the hanging of the art. I needed a plan. How was I going to use this little space to make each inch of every wall optimal? I decided there would be a work side and a “gallery side”. Also, I had to hold myself back. I wanted to fill up all the walls with existing work. NOPE! Can’t do that Sheree. I needed to leave a little bit empty as an offering to new, future work. OK. DONE.

After this was accomplished, I potted a new spider/philodendron plant and hung it by the French doors at the end of my studio. LIFE!!! It felt like the launching of a ship or something. I sat and looked at my new Moroccan plant pot with the wonderful purple pink glaze and thought “OK, I am ready to make ART!”
This weekend it happened. I finished some more “LOVE SERIES” pieces and started three more “Treasure Maps”. As I brushed away at the new map pieces today, I realized, I am finally in my art “comfort zone”.

Go, go, go, Sheree!

I am not putting photos up of my new art yet. I need time for me to digest the new stuff and feel truly stable in my new space. Also, I plan on making a video as a preview to my “COMING OUT (of hiding)” celebration during our next art walk March 12th. Stay tuned for more details. Instead, I want to share a banner I watched workers hang on a light post right under my studio window. I love it. I almost feel they hung it there for me.


Georgie McNeese (ArtByG) said...

I am sooooo envious. I'd love to have a studio of my own, but I'm mostly envious of your organizational skills. I'm the disorganized scatterbrained type. My "stuff" has taken over what little creative space I have. Good luck in the new studio.

Sheree Rensel said...

I am kind of freaking out. I have two studios now. I never, ever thought this would ever happen. Believe me, I have made work in closets, on kitchen tables, in bedrooms (while I slept on the couch), etc. How is it that I have two art studio spaces now? It is weird.
However, I can say it has been a long time coming. I have worked hard and focused on my art life for a long time. I am not sure I deserve this. Both of my studios are really small. However, they are both functional. I am functional. Art is being made. This is what life is about (for me at least).
Thank you so much for your input! :-)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your new digs!!! Super cool.

I know EXACTLY what you mean about the organization irritates me to no end to spend an hour looking for a particular tool or gee-gaw that I KNOW I have and I now need.
Then, by the time you've found it, you've either lost your steam or it's time to go take care of some 'real world' chore or whatever. Agh.
Other women are shoe or jewelry or handbag or whatever addiction is shelving, big flat files and folders! :-) Oh, and clear plastic tubs so I can see the contents.

Good luck...can't wait to see your work (after you've finished 'digesting'...and I totally understand that, 2.


Elizabeth said...

Sheree, congratulations on the new work space. I am so slow to acclimate to a new studio that I fear takes a long time for me to settle. So it sounds like you jumped right in. Also good that you are organized...that makes a difference too. Go Sheree!