Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I was born in Detroit. So what? I lived in Detroit until I was 38 years old. So what? I fled Detroit because I was bored, needed to experience life in a new way, and wanted to feel warm. LOL

So what?

Working on my current art series “Treasure Maps”, I have realized my Detroit roots will never go away. They are there and they will stay. It is part of what makes me Sheree. I am not a palm tree girl or a beach babe. Despite living here in Florida for almost twenty years, I still feel like a Michigander. I still have the beads of water from Lake Erie and Lake Huron streaming down my body. I still have the guts and gall of anyone who walks tall down a street in the seediest part of downtown Detroit, looks at thugs, and with our eyes say to them “I dare you.” Nobody bothered me while I was in Detroit because I had the “look”.

Tonight something happened that made me realize my “look” has been a good thing and a benefit for most of my life. For whatever reason, I send out a body language signal that says “She would be just too much trouble.” I have known danger has been close, but once eye contact is made, we all move on.
Nothing happening here………….

It is weird because I feel sorry for those that have lived more privileged lives. They have missed out. They have never known urban life. They have never known how to talk to the homeless or street corner hoods. They don’t know how to relate to all the different kinds of people of the world. I for one can speak to a homeless person on the corner, an elderly person pulling a cart, a teenager with his newest tattoo or a University professor. Take your pick. I am “multi-lingual”. Also, I am not afraid or have a preference for any group of people. NOPE. We are all one. That is why I am a proud to be an IMPORT of Detroit. It taught me how to live and survive.

DETROIT It will never go away. This is the fabric from which I am made. It has taken me this long to say, I am glad. I am proud. Detroit has done me good. It has made me Sheree and that is a very cool thing! :-)
Click pic for larger view of "The River".


dianefaith said...

No way do I have the "look" or your confidence, but I share your feeling sorry for those who have led more privileged lives because they missed out on "training". Because I grew up in a very down-to-earth way in rural Appalachia I have little patience for perfect, put-together lives, yet some sympathy for them, too. I acknowledge a bad case of reverse snobbery.

Ronny said...

Ok, boyfriend and I are contemplating moving to Detroit. I googled Detroit Art Blogs and you were the first on the list! I love your work. My favorite one so far is "Men are Tempting" LOL Umm, have you been to Detroit lately? How is the art scene? I am a painter/artist in general and I couldn't live without people like that around the blog though, great work love.

Sheree Rensel said...

Ronny, I haven't been to Detroit in 20 years! However, I keep in touch. YES! Detroit has a wonderful art scene!!!!