Sunday, April 3, 2011

Art Blog: Little Girl, You can pay your own RENT!

Something happened this week that was so weird. I can’t get it out of my mind. I live in my “art cave”. I rarely get phone calls and the only people to knock on my door try to sell me Jesus. Wednesday, I was sitting here working on my computer and there was a commotion out in front of my house. Little LuLu was barking like a mad dog and then I heard knocking. I went to the front window and there was a very thin woman. Through the window, I asked what she wanted. She asked me if she could pick some of the Japanese plums off the tree in my front yard. I told her to have at it!

“Take as many as you want!”, I told her. She yelled over her shoulder and a little girl around seven years old, hopped out of the car with a metal pail. They started pulling down branches and picked away. I watched through the window and the little girl pushed some of the plums into her mouth at a feverish pace. She either really like fruit or she was hungry. I turned and went out to my backyard and grabbed some grapefruits off another tree. I went back up front, opened the front door and asked “Do you like these?” The lady was so appreciative; she grabbed me and kissed me on the cheek. We stood there and talked for a few minutes. I told them my name. They told me they liked my door, the signs, and art wreath.

Then, the little girl plucked one of the bottle brush blooms off my plant and started to do an impromptu version of the “Napkin Game”. Do you remember that? She said “Sheree, Sheree…..Look!” Then, she put the long narrow flower over her top lip and started to recite. Here is how the game goes:

You use a napkin (in this case a flower bloom) in three different ways: as a mustache, as a hair bow, and as a bow tie. First a menacing, deep voice says: "You must pay the rent. You must pay the rent. You must pay the rent today." Second, using the napkin as a hair bow and using a tiny, girly voice you say "I can't pay the rent. I can't pay the rent. I can't pay the rent today." Then, the napkin is placed on your chest like a bow tie and in a male hero's voice say, "I'll pay the rent" Then the hair bow girl says: "My hero". The finale is when the mustachioed landlord says:"Curses, foiled again."

When the little girl was done, I smiled a huge smile and told her: “Do you know how old that game is? My sisters and I used to play that game when we were little and I am older than your mommy!” Then I continued, “But you know what? That game is the same but the ending is different now. I took the flower from her hand and said in a feminine but forceful voice: “It is OK I can pay my OWN rent!!” LOL LOL LOL LOL The little girl’s face lit up like a light bulb. She smiled huge too. Then she said:


I burst out laughing and I said “YEP!”

Yes. Some things stay the same for generations.
However, other things CHANGE big time!

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