Thursday, May 26, 2011

Art Blog: BE STILL

If you are an artist, you know this feeling. You get done with one or more works you have spent lots of time trying to finish. Finally, they are real. There is no more to do. You are proud that you accomplished your art goal. You are proud of the outcome. THEN, there is that voice…….

In my case, I packed up my recent works for a show and sent them away. This made the voice even louder, NOW WHAT? I have many art options. I have a number of different series started. I have paintings in my studio that call to me. However if you are an artist, you know this feeling too…….. Unless you get involved and spend time with particular works, you lose momentum. You forget where you wanted to go or what the next step should be. These questions will only be answered by spending time with those pieces. It is like getting to know a long lost friend. Once you see them and start talking, eventually you realize the next step of your continued friendship. Things become clearer.

Sometimes my clarity comes while I am asleep. I am not a sleep expert, but we all know there are different sleep phases. I love the one that is shortly after I lie down and start to drift off. Last night, I was worried about my art. As things wind down work wise, I know I am going to dive into hours of art making. As I started to go to sleep last night, I visualized some of my works in progress. The vision seemed to go on and on. It was presented in my mind in full color. I was given direction by my sleepy mind. It didn’t solve all my concerns, but it gave me a start. It gave me a reminder of my direction and purpose.

What do you want to say Sheree? That is the true question. I will answer it. Right now, it is important for me to be still. I need to be quiet. The answers are right here. I just have to listen.


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