Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Art Blog: Impending DOOM?

The irony of all this is uncanny. Besides being an artist, I also teach. I have taught in just about every kind of circumstance over the last 30+ years. I have taught art to babies to seniors. Every kind of person and/or art medium you can imagine, I have taught. This year was for sure my BEST teaching year. In fact, it was my best art life year ever. I have had everything I need to juggle the life of an artist and an educator. My teaching position this year was heavenly. Yes, there are always challenges because I teach kids with big time challenges. However, it has never been better.

My art life has thrived. For the past year, I have felt I really had a handle on my juggling skills. Documentation proves I have my art life and educator life in good form. Life is good again.
Well…… it?

I thought it was. However, things are changing fast. There is so much gloom and doom being expressed during my days right now. I have to tread softly here. I can’t tell you the whole story, but to be honest, I am shocked I still have a job right now.

Yet, I may be one of the last standing, but this is not a good scenario either. My world will change drastically next year. I can’t even imagine how it will be. This concerns me greatly. I keep waiting for the “bad news”. I am ready.

I have lived through DOOM. I know what it looks like. I know what it feels like. It is not fun. I have also learned DOOM might not be as disastrous as my mind might want to think. I am prepared. If I got word things will change for me in a way that will make it too difficult to be successful at what I do, I will have to make huge life changes. I might not be able to live the life I live now. That is OK with me. Maybe downsizing isn’t such an awful thing.

My needs are relatively easy. I can live in a smaller space. I don’t need as much as I have. As long as I can keep making art and pay for food and a place to live, I will be fine. I don’t fear doom anymore. I know I will survive. I know this because I have done all this before.


What is happening in our world now?

I guess we will ALL see……………………


Cagney Studio 8 said...

Hey Sheree! Hang in there...I'm wishing you positive thoughts and energy. Haven't chatted for a long while...but I'm still watching. You are a great and beautiful person and I thing good things will come your least I'm going to hope that for you:)
A friend recently shared with me that there are 5 moons for Aries...or something like that...but basically she said it meant that we should wait for a clearing and a creative boost...I don't know about all that stuff...but if she is right...I wish it for you too!

Sheree Rensel said...

Hi Cagney!!!!!
Oh, I am not really worried. I am not an Aries or know much about that stuff, but after I had LAST YEAR, I know I will survive. It is so weird because I had my worst year last year and then, have had my best year this year............LOL LOL

I thought a lot about leaving teaching last year. Now, I love it once again. However if things happen that make it impossible for me to do a great job teaching, I will leave. I realized last year, it isn't worth it to my health, energy, or spirit. I will be fine. Maybe it is time for a NEW CHAPTER????

Thanks so much for posting. You know I have always thought YOU ROCK!!