Monday, May 23, 2011

Art Blog: Just Keep Moving……..

I went into work today. I had 12 days left. Times like this are like the twilight zone. I know. I have been doing this a long time. All the major projects are done. My deadlines have been met. On my “To Do” list there is a whole lot about packing and cleaning. However, I can’t really do that because during the next two weeks, we might need this or that supplies wise. So, it is like a time of hurry up and wait.

I was so bluesy today. I am not sure what has brought on this mood. I think I know. Besides getting little to no reaction to my student project DVDs I spent days creating, I had another thought that hit me like a bolt of lightning this afternoon. After wandering around my office and classroom today trying to figure out what to do, I got so bored. I actually felt fatigue taking over my body. I felt beat down after work. It is so easy to feel discouragement nowadays. A weird feeling of dread and that nobody really CARES about the most important things is so obvious.

Despite this, I ran in the house and greeted my puppy. I started to take her outside but a half done project sitting in my kitchen caught my eye. I started working on it right there at my sink. Poor Little LuLu just looked at me as if to say “HEY. HEY, Mommy??? I need to go out.” I snapped back to reality and stopped scraping my project just so I could open the back door. Then I got back to work and started scraping away.

I am working on a kind of silly project. I am making another ART BUBBLE. I make art bubbles for mail art shows. It made me giggle because I attacked it as soon as I walked in the door. THEN I realized something I already knew, but needed this confirmation. I need to have something going on all the time. I need deadlines. I need tangible goals. I need to know I am being productive. I need to feel appreciated even if it is only by ME. Intermittently now, I am feeling like asking “What is the point (to everything???)

Therefore, I need to know there is a reason to keep moving. My ART BUBBLES are silly, but at least they give me a purpose.

Here is a quick, shot of my newest, crazy ART BUBBLE.

I will post more later. If you are interested in what is an ART BUBBLE, here is a vid about one of my mail art works. In retrospect, this one is tame compared to this weird one I am making now. It is kind of sick (in a good way). LOL

I realized as long as I am working on something and have the feeling of moving forward, I am OK.

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