Saturday, June 18, 2011

Art Blog: HELP! Sad News

I wrote this blog post last week. The "sad" news is now HAPPY NEWS! The "Studio Studio" Exhibition is a go. It will open online on July 4, 2011. Details to follow.

Here is the original post:

I am at a crossroads. I started Get Outta My Face Gallery two years ago in an effort to provide artists a FREE opportunity to show their work and get more exposure. Also, it has been a venue that promotes my ideal: Art for Art’s Sake!

”Get Outta My Face Gallery”

Things have gone well over the past 20 months. We started small and have grown in little bits. Each show offered has been better and better. I am proud of this. The “ARCHIVES” even amaze me! The entire idea of the gallery was one of sincerity and pure intent. I just wanted to do something to promote the arts and help other artists. Also rather than wait for something to happen, I have always been one to MAKE something happen. Get Outta My Face Gallery did that. At least, something was happening.

Two months ago, I started promoting our seventh show “Studio Studio”. It had the potential to be a very interesting, conceptual show. I asked artists to send up to 3 photos of their studios and write a simple statement about what their work space means to them. This show would start online and then move to a brick and mortar gallery, Salt Creek Artworks” in St. Petersburg for a gallery show.
When I put out the first promos, I got such great feedback. Many artists expressed interest. The deadline was yesterday and I did not get enough entries to create a great show. WHY? I have no idea what went wrong. I am sad, disappointed, and confused. This was a good thing waiting to happen.

I haven’t canceled the show yet. I just look at the entries I have and know it isn’t enough. What compounds the feelings of sadness is the Get Outta My Face domain name expires in a week. I am not sure I want to pay the bill. I hate to just cancel the show and close down the online gallery. I am really struggling with all this.

I need your help. I need your opinions. What do you think? Is all this pointless or is it worth keeping?


Erika Allison said...

I don't really know the answer as to why this didn't bring in more entries. Since the other shows seemed to keep getting larger each time, perhaps the reason is the theme of this particular show. I, personally, liked the theme. And, since my studio is less than ideal at this time, it was a challenge to present it as a plus. Challenges always bring out creativity, don't they? Perhaps other artists just weren't as enthused about sharing their studios? Don't really know. But, I do appreciate your intent and efforts, Sheree! You have the right idea!

Sheree Rensel said...

I know for sure this is a great idea. The few entries I have are really great. I can see the beginnings of the show in my mind. However, the visions in my mind are not going to make a gallery show. I just don't get it. I really don't.

I put out the info 8 weeks ago to allow for enough time. I promoted this show via multiple advertising venues and far more than any of the other GOMF shows. At first, I had some great feedback and encouragement. Many artists said they were interested. Then there was silence.
For me, this is bigger than the "Studio Studio" show. I am grappling with whether I want to keep spending money, effort, and time on this Get Outta My Face Gallery concept.

I thought it was a good idea. Now...............Well, you don't want to know what I am thinking.....LOL

gilda said...

Hey Sheree,

I think it may be in part due to the time of year, right at the beginning of summer. Possibly the artists who would normally be very interested have gone on vacation, or because there are so many holidays in quick succession around this time that they just didnt get around to it.

I still think it is a great premise for a show, you are SO good at this! I apologize for not getting my entry in on time, and thank you so much for reminding me to get it in. I hadn't been in my studio much the last few weeks because of the end of school year, family obligations one right after another, and spending more time doing promotion for the Detroit Rep. Lately I have had to force myself into the studio.

How many entries would be optimum? How many do you have at the moment?

Sheree Rensel said...

I just can't buy the "wrong time of year" excuse this time. I have heard that before with a couple of other shows. However, this time I posted the prospectus back in APRIL.

I just don't know. I thought all this (The shows and the gallery) was a great idea. I was just trying to do positive art stuff. However, it is looking like it really doesn't mean anything to many artists.
Sooooooooooooooooo.............. I guess I gotta...............??????

Erika Allison said...

Sheree, I can see your dilemma - should I or shouldn't I - keep going with the idea. I'd be wondering the same thing. Whatever you decide will be the right decision!

namastenancy said...

If it gives you more grief than joy, if it's more work than payoff, then it's time to say "good by." Maybe it's a good idea that ran its course? Maybe it's time for another on-line exhibit with another title. I knew it wasn't for me because my work does not fit the "get out of my face" title. But only you can make the final decision.

amy said...

Hi Sheree,
The reason I submitted my entry was because for the first time I was forced to think about where I make my art(a space I had really taken for granted)and how much that small space means to me. Even if the show does not go on I have to thank you for that. Speaking as an artist just starting out I would say we need more people like you in the art community--there are not nearly enough venues to display what we do and you are trying to make that happen. So keep on truckin' and don't let the naysayers get to you.

Sheree Rensel said...

Erika: Thank you for your continued support!

Sheree Rensel said...

Nancy: There have been six previous shows. Have you seen any of them? Did you read the prospectus for "Studio Studio"?
I am not understanding your reference to the name of the gallery. Yes, I know it is unusual, but there was a reason I named it this. Sorry it is unfavorable to you.

Sheree Rensel said...

Thank you for the wonderful comment. This is exactly why I am still thinking about all this. I already know it did make people think. Just today, I noticed another artist post the studio pics she sent me on her FB page. I just smiled.

I am going to enjoy today and wait until Monday to figure out what I am going to do.
Thanks again for your kind words.