Monday, June 13, 2011

Art Blog: Juggling: YOUR ART LIFE

We are half way through this year. Back in January, I put out the statement “2011 is MINE!” I had this feeling. The past couple of years have been less than stellar. I wanted to go full force into my art future. So I wished it so. I gotta say it is working at least for my art life. I am making art like there is no tomorrow. I have been in six shows so far this year. I can’t complain. However, this is not the WHOLE story.

Back years ago when I was young, I had to juggle many lives. In fact, there were more facets of my total life to worry about. I had relationships. I had a day job. I had to make my art. Eventually, I had a kid to take care of 24/7. I tried to be a true juggler. One thing I realized is I couldn’t keep all the balls up in the air all at once. I could never get a job as a juggler! Some months, my job would be going great, but my art would be in the tank. Another month, my art would be taking off like a rocket, but my relationship was ready to crash. Then there were the times my love relationships were dandy, but my relationship with my kid needed a whole lot of attention.

That was then, but this is now. Even though I have trimmed down the number of balls I try to keep in motion, I still have this challenge of keeping everything up in the air and moving all at once.

Yes. 2011 is MINE. I will keep believing this. The truth is my art life is going great guns. My job life is backfiring……bang, poof, bang, bang, poof, poof. Luckily I am old enough to know the wind shifts each day. This too shall pass. Even so, there is a part of me that wishes all those balls could stay up in the air all at the same time just for a WHILE.

Wouldn’t that be cool?

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