Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Art Blog: QR HAPPY!

My dad loved to do magic tricks. His favorites involved using a fake thumb to amaze and mesmerize. It worked for me. I would laugh and be amazed every time. He loved my appreciation. Consequently, he did stupid magic tricks for me every time I would come to his house.

I miss those tricks. I really miss how I would giggle. Nothing has made me laugh like this in years. It was only until QR codes came to be, that I would laugh the same way. You would think being a “techie”, I would be jaded and be over the “WOW” factor. When I first started using QR codes, the magic trick effect came back. I have no idea why, but when I use the QR code app on my iPad, I laugh in awe every time! Just like my silly giggles when my dad would do some kind of lame magic trick, I watch QR codes direct an app to a specific website and wonder. I always think:

You have the code.

You scan the code.

Like MAGIC, it goes to the website. Is that too cool or what?

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