Sunday, June 19, 2011


I have spoken many times about synchronicity. I am a connect-the-dots kind of girl. Actually, it is easy for life circumstances and things I notice to run together. I am so hyperactive it would be strange if some things didn’t converge eventually! LOL One thing that has been popping up over and over again in the past weeks is the idea of “surrender”. The painting shown above is about a moment of sheer terror and in a split second, I surrendered. It worked that time.

This surrender concept came up again this week. I was watching a lecture and the speaker kept using that word over and over again. He reminded the viewers to “Just let go”. I sat up and listened. I need to do this once again. Let it go Sheree. Let everything go. The “everything” I am speaking about is this constant, nagging, turmoil my mind is in right now. I am in a transition period. I am in flux. I know this. However, it is becoming a form of torture.

This is why the word SURRENDER is so meaningful to me right now. I don’t want to just let go completely. Even though I am a right brain artist, I have trained myself well to use the rational, left side of my brain. My worries are centered in this part of my body. When I was younger, I wouldn’t care. I would just spit in the wind and do whatever I wanted. Now, I have more to lose. THIS kind of thinking is exactly why I need to surrender to something. I just have to let go of some of this STUFF that is making me crazy.

I saw this poster today and it made me think again. Years ago, I made the decision to abide by at least one mantra: “If it doesn’t feel good, don’t do it!” When I read this poster, I realized I am doing most of this stuff with great zeal. There are one or two lines that bother and shame me. I won’t tell you which ones right now. Maybe someday, I will tell you that story. For now, I have to surrender to myself and just get my %&*# together, so to speak. I have two months to get my mind, body, and spirit back to the point in which I feel strong enough to relinquish all my troubles, worries about my future, and learn to trust once again. Life will happen as it is supposed to happen!

I am throwing my hands up NOW!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sheree,

long time no comments, sorry, but I truly need to hear this today. I have things that are similar to what you wrote about here. Also realized it on my blog. I lost scope of me and time with two years of liver chemo, and now years later, I am now just starting to pick up the pieces of that wreckage...

Thank you, and I hope to hear from you again soon.

Jesse Mendez

Sheree Rensel said...

It is so good to hear from you. Seriously. I sent you an email. Hang in there buddy!!

amy said...

hey Sheree,
I added your blog to my blog-list a few days ago. I love the passionate way you write and how you're unafraid to share some of your down times(we all have 'em don't we?)
keep up the art,the writing,and don't forget to keep up the fight!