Saturday, July 2, 2011

Art Blog: FLOAT

I have one dream that has reoccurred over the span of my lifetime. I am about eleven years old and I start running down the sidewalk in front of my house. Suddenly, I lift off and I am flying over my neighborhood. I love this dream. Even though decades have passed, I still dream that same dream. I love the feeling when I wake up. I can feel the tickle in my stomach. I know what it feels like to FLY.
It wasn’t until today that I realized I am not really flying in the dream at all. I realized this during this exchange:

In the FB conversation, I referred to water. Boo responded with the “float” concept. Almost immediately, I had a vision that let go of the water and thought of the air. As Boo stated, this is really about control. She hit the nail on the head big time. I am a control freak and I admit it. I have tried to work on this for a very long time. Yet, when I realized this wasn’t really about me in the water, but in the sky, I saw things in a totally new way.

You see, I had never realized until now that my flying dream wasn’t really about flying at all. My arms don’t flap or I don’t struggle to get momentum. I just FLOAT around and look down at the world. I am at peace. When I have this dream, there is a feeling of calm which rushes over me. I let it happen. I don’t manipulate my direction or fuss because I am not going this way or that. I just ride it out. I FLOAT until I wake up and feel happy.

So now, I have to take that dream and make it a reality. Like I have said before in previous posts: “Let it go and SURRENDER”. I am seeing connections here. Maybe that is because I am practicing my FLOAT.

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