Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Art Blog: Judgment Day

JUDGMENT: a formal utterance of an authoritative opinion

I am wondering why so many feel the need to judge others. Does it promote a feeling of self worth? “YES, I AM BETTER THAN THEM!”

I think this is so sad. This is a topic that really bothers me. It is so easy to tear down others for their looks, appearance, or their state in life. I think social media venues make it even easier to let loose and have at it. “THEY” are stupid or ugly. “WE” think it is not right!

Hold your horses. I know from experience we don’t know the whole story. Everyone is not like you or me. All the people in the world have not had the advantages that maybe you or I have been afforded. If I dress a mess, it could be for many different reasons. Do you care to ask why before judging me?

I know for sure there are people who can’t afford stylish clothes. I know for sure there are people who don’t have a washing machine. I know for sure there are people who have never had the opportunity to be taught “societal standards”. They just do what they can do.

So am I too old or ugly to be in public? What do you think? Should society judge me? Who will make the rules about this? Opps, I am wearing my paint pants today because I just came from my studio. “OMG, she looks homeless!!” or “She has so many wrinkles, she is repulsive!!” Is that what you would think? Should I be shunned or condemned online? In other words, if you decide to judge others, you should at LEAST find out the true story or think about how others judge you! Is it fair or good or right? More importantly, I wonder why it is your place or my place or anybodies place to make a judgment about ANYBODY.

Look in the mirror.

So I look at this crowd and I could say any one of these things :

“I hate that orange shirt she is wearing!”

“He is too old to be in a race. Why is he even there?”

“She looks old and ugly.”

“Her legs and butt are fat. She isn’t a runner!”

Do you get the idea? This is so silly and so, so sad. Why are we doing this to each other? It needs to stop. Are you ready, willing, and able? If so, society will be a much better and far more loving place.



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Sheree, I love your comment on the side bar and plan to use it in a blog. Credit to you, of course. And this post is right in line with that thinking. Support is so much better for all of us than judgement. Thanks for reminding us.