Monday, July 4, 2011

Art Blog: WHY Git Outta My Face?

About two years ago, I decided to create an online gallery. I did. It has been very successful in my mind and I truly believe it is a great idea. Tonight, we will be opening our SEVENTH show! Hooray for that! I wanted to create an art website that was about “art for arts sake” and allow artists a simple venue to show their work (at NO cost to them). It was just another option to promote their work for free. Meanwhile, I would have something to do that made me feel like I was doing something productive art wise.

Before I created the site, I needed a name. I came up with “Git Outta My Face” gallery. There is a very special reason for this and I want to tell you about it. However before I do, I want to tell you that this name has proven to be problematic to some. Certain people think it is too confrontational or too weird. They won’t show or submit art just because of the name. This is because they don’t understand why it is named this.

I teach. I teach hard kids. Almost every day at my day job, I hear the words “Git Outta My Face!!!”. I hear those words because the kids want to pretend they don’t want to hear. This phrase is their “I don’t want to deal with it.” mantra. It is a way for them to shove away any attempt for understanding or thinking about new life ways. I started relating this to art. I know for sure, I hear so many silly opinions about art and artists, there have been times I too have wanted to just say “Git Outta My Face!” This phrase could be my defense/coping mechanism. I didn’t want to hear it because I was too interested in spending my time to make art. I don’t want to deal with some of the crazy perceptions about art and artists. Instead I too, would like to scream “Git Outta My Face!”.

So I guess the name of my gallery is saying what it needs to say. Git outta my face if you don’t take the time, effort, find joy, or expend emotional enthusiasm to embrace ART. It is that simple.

Now, the really great news: Our seventh show is called “Studio Studio”. It is the best show our gallery has ever had. It is a bit conceptual in that it asks artists to speak about their studios. Now that I have created the show, I know it is a GOOD show. It is introspective and allows the viewers to get into the minds of artists.

Click pic to go to our gallery.

Our seventh show will open in a few hours. Take the time to look and think.
Also, you are welcome to look through the archives. I hope you will consider entering a show in the future. We are on a mission here.

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