Saturday, November 19, 2011

Art Blog: ART MODE

I made a big mistake today. I really tried. However, it back fired big time. I am officially on day job vacation. At least this is what is says on paper. In my mind, I am still on “artist doing day work for money to survive as an artist” MODE. I know this state of mind very well. Ordinarily, I plan ahead. I take at least a day to chill out from the duties of the job and then, slowly but surely creep into ART MODE. I couldn’t do this today because of the timing.

There are all kinds of art things going on in my environment and I really wanted to hop on the bandwagon. However, I wasn’t ready to be an art cheerleader and exude the energy necessary to toss my art pom poms to and fro. In fact, I was fried. I got up really early and trudged downtown. I did the dirty deed. I went to my studio, set up to work, and then, went out to see what was going on downstairs. There were two art fairs going on simultaneously. I had to see what was going on down there. So I did.

The bags under my eyes and slow pace told me to give it up. Who are you kidding Sheree?

I walked about 5 blocks worth. I saw all kinds of art fair art. This is important to me because I have been thinking of doing the art fair circuit even though I have never done that before. As I walked on and took notes, I could physically feel myself melting. It was something like visual and artistic overload. I walked back to my own studio and wondered what to do.

My solution was to leave, get groceries, and go home. After a few hours, I went into my home studio and started working. I wanted to start to bring together a piece I have been working on (in my mind) for five years or more. I have this vision, but I have never completed it. This is common for me. I have all these ideas in my head. I just hope to live long enough to finish most of them.

Anyway, I wanted to work on “MoneyMas”. This is a mixed media piece I have had in my mind for years. It is time to make it now. It is so funny because sometimes people will ask me how I start my work. Well, at times I put a blank canvas in front of me and start painting. Other times, I have a vision of a work and then, try to assemble the piece as I visualize it. In this case, it is the latter. I know what “MoneyMas” is supposed to be about and look like. I just haven’t made it yet. I am doing that now.

As for being in ART MODE, it is coming even as a type this. It takes time for artists to switch from day job gear to artist gear. I know this very well. ART MODE is my friend and I love every minute of it. I just have to realize it takes a little time to appear. I feel it coming now. This is a good thing.

I wonder what the finished piece will look like???

(Click pic to see detail of the parts) Then, stay tuned for the finished piece. I want to get this done in less than two weeks. I wonder if I will make it??? Ohoooo The Suspense!


Bob Ragland said...

Well Sheree, many of us artists feel unappreciated at onetime or another. The mission is to continue somehow. We are given the gift to make art, and it is a record of how we spend out time on the planet. Think of Van Goth, not being appreciated in his life time.
We must continue to make the art.

Bob Ragland said...

As long as you keep doing something
art wise, you are doing OK.
The idea is to keep going.
Your art day job supports your art habit. Just do what it takes to have an art life.
You have bread and shelter from your art effort.
That means alot.
See Rollo May's book-The Courage to