Monday, November 21, 2011

Art Blog: Perspectives of Thought

It only took three days and I am back to being Sheree. At least, I am thinking rationally again. I write all this blog stuff for me, but I would hope one or two of you will learn from my mistakes and the good parts too. I realized today “perspective of thought” means so much. I got up all perky and bushy tailed this morning. After taking the dog out, I logged onto Facebook. The first thing I saw was this:

courtesy of Andrew Crane. He is one of my FAVORITE artists on earth. He posted this photo and it hit me like a brick. I needed to hear (SEE) this.

Off to shower to get ready for the day. I had an appointment to go to Vincent House (What a great place with such a great cause. DONATE if you can!). I had applied for a job there, but there was no job for me. This is OK though because I got a tour and it helped me to see and confirm what I want to do with the rest of my life. Besides being an artist, I want to continue to work with people with emotional and mental disabilities. The tour helped me realize this.

I felt so good after the tour. I went on my way with a smile on my face to do more “get ‘er done” tasks like the eye doctor appointment and new glasses. Between me, the ophthalmologist, and the glasses salesperson, I don’t know who talked more. We all had a great time talking about life in general. I ordered my new glasses and had my old ones fixed $$$$. I left there still smiling because I got a new perspective on things.

Of course my status as an artist came up in the conversations all morning and afternoon. Also, discussion about my work as an art educator work came up too. The eye doctor had a lot to say about this. He sends his three boys to private school. At this point, I couldn’t even defend the public system. I just nodded and said “Good choice!

I came home after all this and doing a few other errands. I was thinking as I stepped up step by step onto the front porch of my art house, there is a big, wide world out there. Judging from all my people connections I made today, it dawned on me: the world likes Sheree and sees her positive nature and attributes. Being so busy, anxious, and enveloped in such an awful environment all the time, I forget about this.

As I sit here now I realize “Everything WILL be ALRIGHT!” I just have to take the time to realize the positives and negatives, weigh everything out, find the time to sort them out rationally, and then ultimately find my new life. ALSO. I have to stop isolating myself. I need to get out and remember there is a whole other world out there.

“Perspectival Response”
Sheree Rensel
Graphite on Paper

(Click pic to see detail)

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