Saturday, November 5, 2011


Have you ever run away from home? I have. In fact, I think I have run away many times throughout my life. The first time, I was seventeen years old. I had graduated from high school. The summer had started and I was waiting very impatiently to turn eighteen in the fall so I could leave home (legally). One summer evening, I wanted to go out with friends. I called the “parent” at work and she said “NO”. I got so ticked off that I told my sisters, I was leaving. They gave me every penny in their piggy banks. I walked out the door with knapsack full of clothes and a sock full of change. I didn’t know where I was going. I just wanted it to end. So I walked a few miles, then caught a cab. I told the cabbie to drive me to this building downtown. I had heard about a place for teen runaways. He took me there. I stayed there four days. They fed me and it was pretty nice, but I hooked up with some kids who wanted to hit the road. I went with them.

That was a stupid, awful decision. There were seven of us. We were all sixteen or seventeen years old, broke, and dirty. We were a ragtag bunch. The plan was to hitchhike to Colorado. Yet as I look back I realize we weren’t even headed in the right direction!!! LOL Leaving from downtown Detroit, we headed northeast. We ended up park hopping the first few nights. We panhandled enough change for meals at fast food places and then, slept under the trees. The third night, things started to unravel. One kid left and the others were up to no good. I didn’t want to get into trouble so I stayed in this park all alone the entire night. The next morning, the sun was coming up over a lake next to the park. As I watched the light hit the waves, a police car pulled up. That was the end of that. They took me to the clink and called the parent. My week long adventure was over.

There have been other times I have just spit in the wind and taken off to parts unknown. If I was in a situation that wasn’t working for me, I would just pack a bag and leave. I guess I am thinking about this now because I have that same feeling. Things are not working and I want to hit the road to find a new life. However, I can’t do that as easily anymore. I have all the accoutrements of a settled life. In other words, I have too much STUFF. I would need a whole lot more than one bag to pack.

There is a part of me that wants to chuck it all, pack that one bag, and start walking. I can imagine becoming an old vagabond. Sheree the Hobo! LOL This isn’t very realistic. I am not seventeen anymore and hopefully, I am far smarter. I guess this is a new life lesson. Instead of running away, what can I do differently to solve this problem? The suspense of coming up with the answer is weighing on me every day. What will happen next? Stay tuned…

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gilda said...

Sheree, I had no idea you had been so adventurous, so brave, when you were a young teen. The most I ever did was to run away and hide under a neighbor's back porch for an hour when my parents yelled at me. Such a wimp. You have and are still having adventures. Things will work out.

Sheree Rensel said...

I don't think of it as being so brave as much as I was determined to change the status quo. Also, it was very dumb. I left out some of the details. There were some very dangerous moments during that week. It was not the smartest thing to do even though I thought I was so grown up. That experience was an awakening. I realized how naive I really was even though I was a high school graduate. LOL LOL LOL