Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Art Blog: Change is GOOD!

I knew a woman once who changed the arrangement of her house constantly. When I visited her, I would notice every room had changes. These differences were daily events. Every room would be unrecognizable from one week to the next. It was almost as if every day of the week was a day to move furniture from one room to another. Even her knick knacks would flit from the living room to the family room and/or bathroom. Stuff on the walls would be in a new place. Some things would disappear all together. It was so bizarre to me. I always wondered why she wasn’t satisfied with her choices. Was there some kind of neurotic impulse that made her want to redesign her world every day?

I suppose this trait was hard for me to understand because I am completely the opposite. I am the other end of that neurotic spectrum. Every time I have a new space to live or work, I put everything in its place and it stays there for YEARS. I mean, I never, ever move anything. On rare occasion, I might rearrange something old to fit in something new. However, I have to really want to live with that new thing.

I am not sure why I am like this. It might have to do with the insecurity of my childhood. It seemed like we were always on the run. We moved from house to house. Nothing was ever in its place for long, including me. I am no shrink. All I know is I don’t like change at all. I have lived in only two places since moving to Florida and the only reason I moved that one time was to go from renter to owner. When I got to this house, I put everything where I wanted it and it has been exactly the same for ten years.

This is why I am about to have a panic attack right now. I have to be out of my downtown studio by next Sunday. I started hauling stuff back to my home studio and immediately started to freak out. It is like trying to fit a round peg into a square hole. I have too much stuff. I hauled a few nonessential pieces of junk furniture to the curb. That made a bit of room. Now, I have to rearrange my floor plan. I don’t like this feeling of change at all. However, it is helping me by chanting “Change is GOOD, change is good, change is good”…as I push stuff from one place to another. One thing for sure is wherever I find spaces for all this stuff, I am not moving a thing for another ten years!!!!!!

Breath, Sheree, Breath!

Change is GOOD! At least, I have found a spot to put my flats cabinet!

Another GREAT thing is I have a way to get my biggest wall back.
I needed that to work on my new, large “Treasure Maps”
…………Keep breathing.

Opps, while moving furniture around I found this spot that was under my easel. Paint on the floor is fine in an artist’s studio, but this is gross. I will tackle that project after I have more things in order.

Just take it one step at a time and it will be all good! I can’t WAIT to post the “after” photos.
That will mean this nightmare is OVER!

"Change is good, change is good, change is good...............

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