Sunday, December 18, 2011

Art Blog: Our Most Valuable ASSET

Here we go again..........I have a truckload of teaching stuff stashed in one room and then today, I started cleaning out my second studio. Since my first studio is small, I sit and look at the boxes and realize I have too much STUFF. It is time to get rid of some of it or I won't be able to make art. There won't be room.

It feels good to start to gather everything and put it in one place. It is like I am callin in the chips. I want to see it all together and decide what is really important to me. The rest has to go. One thing that I am learning fast is what is really important in my life. We all accumulate objects, stuff, and things constantly. Over time the pile gets bigger and bigger and bigger. We think we NEED this stuff. We really don't. One thing I notice as I sort though the piles are what I consider a priority. I will never get rid of any art supplies or anything I can use to be creative. I notice I get rid of utilitarian items first. I don't need that 4th fan or the 5th bookshelf from the Salvation Army. I don't need tons of jars and zillions of containers in which to CONTAIN things. (I will admit, I have some kind of weird box and container fetish. Shoeboxes, cigar boxes, plastic tubs, pencil cases, wood boxes of any kind, etc.) It is like a sickness. I have EMPTY boxes and butter tubs that I seem to want to hold on to just because I might have something to
put in them one day................DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seeing all this junk in one place makes me realize, see, and be able to touch my assets. Meager, but at least I have accumulated things that represent a life. LOL Yet, as I look at the boxes and piles of stuff, I realize so much of this is meaningless in the true sense of my world. Yes, I have lots of stuff to make art. I have a place to put the stuff. I have a history with all this stuff.

However, none of it means as much to me as ME. I am my truest asset. As long as I can walk, talk, think, and smile, that is the most important thing to me. I can get more or less stuff. ME is a one time deal. WE are our most important asset. I hope you remember this. In the meantime, I have to start to clean and organize once again. Here we go. I have to attack the piles of STUFF....................

I haven't had time to make a new studio mess video. Here is an old one. It is all the same. LOL Click pic to see how I clean up messes!!!!!!!!!! LOL


namastenancy said...

Isn't it amazing how much stuff we accumulate? I'm cleaning out my second studio and have already gotten rid of enough stuff to fill 8 huge plastic bags. Then there's the pile of who-knows-what that I'm putting in the corner for the movers to haul off to the dump when they come on Wednesday. I've found stacks of unused watercolor paper and drawing paper underneath one pile and enough new paints to last me a lifetime. Well, once I consolidate in my home studio, I know that I will be more frugal. Keeping only one art space means only one set of art materials. In fact, I'll be glad not to always be worrying about whether I have what I need at the second studio. Now, I will be able to walk to the back room and SEE if I have it or not. Keep on trucking and looking for that door to open to your new life.

Sheree Rensel said...

EXACTLY!!! I have "twins" of everything. Two sanders, two sets of paint, two sets of everything. I too have more art supplies than I could use in this and the next life.

I like the idea of downsizing. It isn't necessary to live this large. I want my "new life" to be simpler.