Saturday, December 24, 2011

Art Blog: We Are What We Think

We all do it. You know you do. We all have our “mind tape” mantras. Those are the thoughts and feelings that run ramped in our minds. Some of it is good. The praises we sing to ourselves keep us moving and thriving. However, there are times when that continual negative song plays over and over in your head. You want to scream “STOP IT!”

Now that I am rearranging my life, I am more introverted and introspective than normal. I am thinking and rethinking things. I am planning and prodding schemes. I am trying to figure out how I got here and where I go now. One thing that has reared its ugly head is negative self talk. You wouldn’t believe all the nasty things I start thinking, but quickly squash. One great thing about life experience is that I realize when negative thought patterns are happening and how to redirect attempts at self sabotage.

We are what we think. If you keep telling yourself you aren’t worthy, it is likely not much worthwhile will happen. If you think poor, abundance will find others to bless. Nowadays, it is very difficult to keep your chin up and spit in the wind of gloom and doom. I said it is difficult, but not impossible. You (and I) have to just keep moving and know everything will work out in some way, shape, or form. The most powerful way to keep those positive embers burning is to really care for yourself. Take pride in what you do even if you think nobody else does. One of my great mantras right now is “It only takes ONE!” I am rolling this tape everyday in my head in regards to my job search. However, it can be applied to all things that bolster our spirit. It only takes one to make us smile. It only takes one to make us happy. It only takes one to keep our lives active and productive.
That ONE is YOU.

Sheree Rensel
Acrylic / Mixed media
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Sheree Rensel said...

Comment from Gary on G+

Gary Evans - Excellent article! It's really hard for me to practice it though in real life. I've found that I apparently "need" praise and encouragement in my life to motivate me...

One of the most depressing feelings to happen to me, is to share a piece of work here on G+, be it a photograph or a piece of artwork that I've spent hours or days even on, and that I'm proud of, and have no one comment on it or even +1 it...

I know that sounds rather superficial and shallow, because it sounds that way to me, but I'm just being honest when I say that it hurts a little - and that's when the voices of self doubt scream in my head.

namastenancy said...

I completely agree with Gary Evans and I don't think wanting recognition and respect is at all shallow. I know about 50 artists in SF; some of whom I "hang around" with on social occasions. I post my work or links to my work on flickr and get a few "views" but no comments. They find excuses not to visit my space during Open Studios or if they do drop by, make it clear that they are on their way to view work that is, in their eyes, more interesting and or important. I have been very hurt by this as well as the disinterest or contempt that I get from "friends." I am now working with my inner self to realize that I am not going to get any feedback. But at least, I am not putting it out where I can be ignored in public or treated with disdain. And, yes, it hurts. It hurts a lot - especially when you see others heaped with respect and praise. I know that life isn't fair but artists should try to be more fair to each other and not play spiteful or hurtful games. I always make a point to say something encouraging or positive when shown their work but they make no effort to do the same. But this is SF and if the work isn't bizarre or sick or if you don't belong to the inner circles, you are nobody and nothing. But for me, that's not what being a real artist is about and that's not what I was taught. Too bad today's crop if "artists" aren't taught similar manners.

Sheree Rensel said...

I totally agree with you and more. I didn't include my response to Gary, but here it is:

Gary, it is OK to NEED praise. I suffer from this dilemma BIG TIME! However, I am trying to teach myself to only need my own praise! I know what you mean about not getting instant approval too. It is so funny because I can post something and it seems like it is invisible. I start to get droopy, but then I know people are busy and there is a lot to look at and read. I might post the SAME art or blog post the next day and it gets lots of hits. There is no telling why things are like that. I can spend months working on an art piece and NOBODY will say jack (good or bad). LOL That is why it is important to be our own cheering section! If you don't mind, I am going to put this comment on my blog. I think it would be helpful to others. THANKS so much for reading!! :-)