Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Art Blog: Artist-In-Residence

It just hit me. What am I going to do next week? I will be officially unemployed!!! Not to worry. If you know me or have read this blog before, you know I am a totally Type A, workaholic, control freak, doer of good deeds, and "don’t stop till you drop" type of person. I am going to be busy for sure. Of course, I will be looking for a new job, but I started thinking about this self imposed transition. I started making lists and plans, per usual. One thing that came to mind is a few weeks of PURE art.

There would be nothing better to help me to mend and rejuvenate from the last 18 years of dedicated duty I gave to my past job. I need to think of something special to help me get motivated about life again. I remembered when I went to Vermont Studio Center years ago. That was probably one of the best months of my life. I wish I could go there again. I was a true artist that month. I wandered around Vermont, ate three meals a day (that was weird) and had a schedule to go to my studio and make art EVERYDAY! What a concept! Artist residencies and fellowships are so wonderful. If you can apply and get accepted, DO IT. It is beyond fantastic!

I can’t apply for any residency now. I have too many bills and I have to plan for survival. Besides, you have to apply early. There is no time for that now. Yet there was a part of me that kept thinking. I want to just take a few weeks to make art and work on myself. I want to mend and energize. I can do this. Despite no job, I can last monetarily for a few months, so why not do it? I want to take time to get healthy in every way before I begin my new life journey.

Then, it hit me. WHY NOT? Why not have my own art residency here at my own studio. I can create a schedule, plan, and make an agenda. I am really good at that kind of organizing. As long as I have a schedule printed out and planned, I will stick to it. I am a Virgo, you know. LOL First things first though. I have moved out of my downtown studio and my art classroom so for the first week sans job, I have to get my art house organized. It currently looks like a hoarder lives here. that has to stop. Then, I can plan for a month of pure ART and being an artist. Sheree needs that.

So I will be here during the month of February. I am doing the “Sheree Rensel, Artist-In-Residence” gig of my own design. I know come March 1st, I will be healthier, happier, have new art started, and be ready to take on my new art life. It may mean working at the hardware store, making art, and trying to figure out how to pay all my bills. Yet, I am not really worried.

I have had a hard life, but it is so weird; I have always landed on my feet.
MEOW! :-)
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christine mae Engcoy said...

Bills is always present because we still exist and we need to spend everyday to survive.Let us just think of a positive thought to fight for the purpose of our existence here on earth.All we need to do is to deal with it either is happy and sad.