Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Art Blog: Envisioning The Future

OK. I think I have a whole lot of years still left in me. So now what? We all wonder about what the future will hold. I know I do. However I realized the other day, maybe that wonder should turn into a solid vision of what I want and need to happen in my future. I came to this realization due to a simple Facebook comment.

Bob Ragland who has been a great online friend and mentor left a comment that included these words: “SEE BEYOND THE PRESENT MOMENT PLEASE.” That statement took me aback. I thought I was thinking of my future and leaving the present behind. Am I? Maybe not. After thinking for a few days, I saw things from a new perspective. I asked myself “If I could design my future, what would it look like?”

We should all do this. I mean we can’t predict the future, but we sure can try to arrange and be prepared to do what we want to do. It is like a Bucket List, but more specific. My bucket list includes working and working hard. That is my best asset. Of course, I will always be and continue to be an artist. However, I want a job too. I thrive on having duties, assignments, and work to do. That is my nature. I am an art and job juggler. I thrive on that kind of achievement and stress. I want that to continue.

So what do I envision for myself? I know my strengths and weaknesses. I know what I do very well. I am a Type-A worker bee. I love to organize, innovate, and manage. You say any word and I can think of a myriad of ideas for an art program, lesson, or art exhibition. I love to use technology to make miracles happen. I am a show stopper. I can get up in front of a group of people and put on a show. You give me a subject area and I will talk, make people laugh, and think. I am a natural teacher. No matter where I am or what I am doing, I am always in teaching mode. I love to share knowledge. Most importantly, I love to share my life of art with others. The passion I exude is obvious.

So, I want all that in my future. I want to be able to share all my skills and dreams with others. I want to program, manage, use technology, teach (on my terms), write, be a public speaker, and be a terrific asset to a public service organization. I have done this all before with accolades. I want to do it again and again. Meanwhile, I will continue to be a proud artist while I work away for others too.

So WHAT is your vision of your future?
What do you do best?

“Imagine Magic”
Acrylic / Mixed Media on Canvas
8” x 8”
Sheree Rensel
Click pic for detail view


Diana said...

“If I could design my future, what would it look like?”
Oh, I hesitate to do this because I can't imagine getting what I really want!

And what I do best is read. As much as I like to talk, I love to listen to what everyone else has to say about everything. So I read a lot (a whole lot). How in the world do I make a retirement living doing that?

namastenancy said...

I am not bragging but I am living my future, day by day. I put in 30 difficult years, working at a local hospital. Often, the only thing that kept me going was my vision of retirement which included studying art and history, painting, connecting via volunteer work and not having to deal with an endless stream of impossible orders snarled out by equally impossible, nasty and viscous people, I did not expect to start a career in arts journalism but when the opportunity came, I jumped at it. I know that i am one of the lucky ones but then, I knew that UC gave pensions and that was part of my survival plan. In retirement, every day is an adventure of art, writing, volunteer work and just connecting with the world by being in a happier, healthier place. I'm not bragging because I paid my dues and I hope that a similar time will come (or is NOW) for everybody who reads this.