Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Most artists have minds that frantically buzz and roam from one thing to another FAST. Our right brain tendencies are wonderful in the creative arena, but troublesome while living in a left brain world. Knowing this, I honed my skills of structure and routine a long time ago. I forced myself to become a taskmaster of my own days. I had to concentrate on these skills because I could fall into “Sheree’s La La Land of the Mind” in a literal heartbeat.

Lucky for me, I am a Virgo. Those of us art types that are under that astrological sign are fortunate in some ways. We have bunches of creativity, but we also have perfectionism and are as detail oriented as accountants. This is the part of me I reigned in when I started working in art administration. I taught myself to make lists, charts, schedules, and any other means of organization to keep me focused. I have to keep my life structured or I will flitter too much time away and get lost in my own daydreams.

I find myself falling down the rabbit hole right now. When I left my job a little over a week ago, I told myself to just take two weeks OFF and do nothing. I have worked day jobs all my life. I deserve to just lie on the couch and dream for at least a few days. However, this isn’t working for me. Besides the fact I am too hyperactive to become a temporary slacker, I find the down time causes me to become too anxious. Instead of dreaming grand thoughts of my art life, I am frantically thinking about my current unemployment. Without any kind of regimentation in my life, I tend to squander time while my mind and heart races. So, I have to get some kind of control here.

I am sitting here in the same clothes I had on days ago. I started working on one of my drawing series and I quickly became obsessed with that. I got five drawings done in three days. However, it is like I am an art zombie now. Dishes are piled up; I still haven’t cleaned up the moving mess; my hair looks like the fur of a stray dog. I am one hot mess.

Therefore, today I am making a strict routine. My first step is to take a shower and put some clean clothes on. Then, I am going to actually get into the car and take care of some long overdue errands. When I get home, I am going to make a chart, a graph, or any kind of list that states a specific routine. I am even going to include meal, exercise, and bed times. All this will help take some of the anxiety away and help me get back on the track to thinking of a positive future.

How do you maintain a ROUTINE in your art life?

“Use Your Brain”
Acrylic/Mixed Media
10” x 8”, Paint wrap, No frame needed
$95. (Free Shipping)
Sheree Rensel
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Anonymous said...

You are right. I am in the same situation, even i am teacher of arts, unemployed as i am now,used to sleep just a few hours of day. Dont have a routine and schedules either. Used to reading, to painting, to drawing in weird hours, specially in the night. And as you said, my mind is running all day, thinking in different proyect o whatever i could do. Nice to reading i am not alone