Thursday, February 2, 2012


Suze Orman says this is the time for Americans to make their own jobs. I totally agree. However, that is easier said, than done. I am like many other Americans who want so much to work for themselves. Artists are familiar with this concept. Likewise, artists are familiar with the reality; it is very difficult.

As I plod along trying to work myself into a feasible, independent, financial situation, I am finding signs this is a fantastic aspiration. It might be doable too. I already see signs of money. I have been offered a few jobs that are digital in orientation, but few of those opportunities offers enough money to even start to survive. I have been told I have skills. We all have SKILLS! We need to use them. However most importantly, we need to be paid reasonably to use them.

Like Orman says, this is a NEW world. I say, we have to have NEW thinking. I am guilty on a huge scope. I think I want to be independent and run my own show, but I keep looking for some kind of systemic type job. Even I, who sees herself as being so innovative and capable of using my talents sans the corporation, am scared to take the full bungee jump. I am still looking for that paycheck every two weeks. This is simply out of fear and indoctrination to the ways of society.

I don’t think I am alone. Many of us think and feel this way. However, it is time for us all to take another look at this tradition.

It is a new world.
Now it is time for new thinking.

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