Friday, March 16, 2012

Art Blog: Artist / PATIENCE

"All in good time my sweetie, all in good time!"
The Wicked Witch of the West

I have always been driven. I have always made my art, but sometimes it took a back seat to a job which helped me make sure I could buy food, pay rent, or guarantee my daughter had her asthma meds, etc. We artists have to go with the flow and sometimes we sacrifice our first intentions just to keep our world going. I remember one time, this guy asked me out on a date. I was so poor at that time, I hadn't eaten out in a year or two. (The only good thing was I was really skinny back then! LOL) He asked me what I would like to do. I told him, I would love to go to McDonalds. LOL LOL LOL I mean, that is pitiful, but it was true at the time. I just wanted to taste french fries again.

That was years ago. The next chapter of my life involved a good paying job with money to blow (which I did). It was a good, fun ride for about 15 years. The last three years were awful. I felt like I was losing myself. Finally two months ago, I walked away. Even though the money was good, I need to be a happy artist. That is far more important to me than money.

Yeah Sheree, but what about the bills? I am asking myself that question every day right now. However, I am not in panic mode. During the tenure of my last job, I was known as a crazy achiever. I mean I worked around the clock for that job. It is a fact. My obsessive/compulsive work ethic did me well. I was very successful. Sometimes I would think, "If I put all this energy into my art life, I wonder what would happen?" Well, I got tired of thinking about this and now I am doing it.

BEWARE! When you want something in your life, things don't happen fast. In fact, you can drive yourself crazy looking at the clock each day waiting for good things to occur. TICK TICK TICK The main thing you have to have is PATIENCE. I will admit, this is not one of my strong points. I always want something to happen, NOW! This isn't how life works sometimes.

I have been a free agent since January 20. That was less than two months ago. There are moments I feel like a slacker. I feel this way because I am not punching a clock, but I am WORKING. I have accomplished so much in the last two months. I have made plans for my future. I have allowed myself time to mentally, emotionally, and spiritually readjust. I have started getting things together for gallery proposals. I have updated my website. I have marketed until I feel like I am annoying. I have worked on new blog posts and an application for an art residency. I have thought, sketched, and documented a whole new type of work waiting to be created. In other words, I have been very busy. While I was doing all this, surprises started to happen. First, I got an email saying one of my blog posts was listed on THE DAILY PAINTER blog. That was exciting!

(Click pic for detail view)

The very next day a local magazine was published and included an article and ads about my art. That was very cool too!

All this happened in the last eight weeks. I told you I was driven. So, if I keep this energy level up, more things will happen. More and More and MORE!
"All in good time my sweetie!" You just have to be patient.

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gilda said...

WOW SHEREE!!! EXCELLENT! Greaaaaat publicity, much deserved! I am sure more and more will come your way!