Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Art Blog: Creative Process

What is she doing now?????
Welcome to Sheree the artist's world. Always up to something. It seems like she is a bit bonkers. Maybe she is by societal standards. Thank goodness she doesn't care. LOL

I watched the Oprah interview with Lady Gaga. At one point Oprah asked about Gaga's creative process. She told of how she needs to quiet her mind. She shuts everything off. There is no internet, TV, or unnecessary interactions. She also went on to say that she tends to be a bit self destructive during these times. Lucky for her, she has a very supportive family who understands her process. They are there to pick her up, if she falls.

I totally understand Gaga's words and explanation. I have a long history of going through a similar scenario. My creative process isn't much different than any other artist. There might be slight changes here and there, but we all go about it in similar ways. I am a little monster when it comes to being creative. I might go for weeks just living and going about my life business. However as the clock ticks there comes a moment when big time creativity calls. OMG!! Here we go again. I become moody. I become testy. I don't want to be around anybody or even speak to one soul. I am in that weird creative moment. I can't even call it thinking about art. It is more bizarre than that. I stare into space a lot. I sleep. I don't want to be a part of the world. I prepare art supplies and move them here or there, but do nothing. I touch the materials as if I want to absorb the ideas within them. It becomes bizarre, but magical all at the same time.

Since I have been an artist for decades, I understand this state of mind. I am not alarmed. I just go with the flow. I know when it is happening. I buckle up and hope I don't crash. So far, I have always come out of this in a good way. I might be miserable for days or weeks. I can even enter a state of mind in which I feel like there is no use. I am doomed. I can't get through this last crunch of an idea. I feel blocked. Then all of a sudden, it happens. I see visions. I have ideas. I see the whole, big picture. I understand the connections. It is almost like a puzzle coming together all at once. I see it clearly now. It is time to WORK.

So, it is important to be quiet sometimes.
You need to hear and feel your SELF.

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sadie grater said...

Yes! I'm there, right now, in that Moody block where suddenly an unrecognized problem arises and I struggle through it, knowing very well the issue itself is my form of inspiration.. once the problem is understood, art is made! And you feel great about it, about your growth having materialized and your art offering to the world conceptual and authentic ideas... :) anyway, haha, I enjoyed your post and clearly found it highly relatable. this has eased me greatly!!