Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Art Blog: The PLAN


"We make plans and GOD laughs".

Yes, we have all heard that and I understand this saying in many ways. We have ideas about what should happen in our lives and then, things happen in a different way. Do you hear God laughing? I don't. I will be the first to admit, I have a very specific vision of how I wanted my art life to play out. Gosh, it has taken detours for sure. However, neither me or GOD are laughing right now. It is what it is. Now, we are both waiting to see what happens next.

I was on a certain road in my young art life. Then, life happened. I had to go with that flow. Now, I just jerked back the reins of my runaway horse. I am kicking my spurs into its side and yelling "Whoa Nelly!" Enough is enough! These past weeks, I have been getting all my art ponies in a row. I have been rethinking; I have been reorganizing; I have been rewriting my life scenario.

One thing I started was writing a business plan. I have always had this plan in my mind, but I have never written an official document. I started typing with gusto. However when it came down to writing my future aspirations and specific goals, I stopped cold. I had to put it away for a while because I really had to think about what I WANT to happen. I got a yellow pad out and started to brainstorm. Ironically, I could think of all kinds of things I didn't want.

None of these art things are bad. Personally, I just don't want to do them. If you are an artist who likes these things, good for you! I don't. I don't want to be a trendy, hip artist. I don't want to sell my art under a tent. I don't want to make or sell trinkets. I don't want to make art that is part of popular merchandising trends. I want to be a fine artist who is respected for my ideas and work. I want to show and sell via galleries or my website. I want to deal with art in an academic sense. I am a thinker and what to have that reputation.

OK. So now what? Making notes to apply to my business plan, I started thinking about when all these desires were real for me. When did I get off track? I know the answer to these questions. More importantly, I know how I thought and what I did back when I was heading in the right direction. I would spit in the wind with no rhyme or reason. I would plan on going or doing art projects without worrying about the how, whys, or wheres. I would just do it! I would take care of the details when the opportunities came. I want to do that again.

I am going to apply for a residency to work with PEPÓN OSORIO this summer. What a dream this would be. I love his work. I love the way he thinks. I love his artistic integrity. I respect everything about him. Yet despite these wonderful daydreams, I realize this whole idea is crazy. There would be so much to consider. Finances to make this happen, my daily bills are an issue, there is my house, my dog, etc. However, I know from experience if it is meant to be, it will happen. If it does, both me and GOD will laugh together. In fact, I will probably hear a voice from the sky saying:

"Well it is about time!!!

The thing that is most exciting about all these "crazy" thoughts is I just can't wait to see what happens. It is just like when you are young and have the future before you. I am not young, but I still have a future for which to reach. How fantastic!!
I am laughing already!

ADDENDUM: I was all excited about this opportunity. I got all my stuff together, filled out the application, and then, didn't mail it. The reason? I kept thinking about my dog, Little LuLu. I just couldn't stand the idea of leaving her somewhere else for nearly a month. I still want to find exciting (art) things to do, but it can't be at the expense of the one I love. :-)

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Mary Claire said...

Good luck to you Sheree, it sounds like a wonderful opportunity!