Thursday, March 8, 2012


This is my new desktop pic. I love it. I want to be there. In some ways, I am already there (mentally). Today I want to talk about turning thoughts into action. I have learned a lot in the last 24 hours. I guess I really didn't learn this. I have known it for a long time. Today, I was reminded to remember.

I am living a very weird roller coaster life right now. You have heard the saying "Stop the world, I want to get off!". Well, I have been having those moments lately. Yet, the schizoid part of me hears the theme from the ROCKY movie seconds after thinking my world is spinning out of control. I become super woman in my mind within minutes.

Case in point: Yesterday was a really crappy day. No jobs found for which to apply. I got a nasty email from someone telling me I wasn't up to snuff. THEN, my laptop started to freak out to the point of unusability. I knew my laptop was having some kind of graphic screen problems but it went really crazy yesterday morning. I couldn't even use it because the screen acted like it had hiccups. I would be on a website and the screen would be jumping up and down. I couldn't function. I shut it down and walked away. This was a bit devastating. My main computer died about three weeks ago. My laptop was my hold out. Now, that was gone too.

Like a fallen soldier, I turned everything off and flopped on the couch. I decided to sulk. I laid and looked at my art supplies ready to work on my new "Habitats" sculptures and thought "Screw it". I mindlessly clicked the remote control on the TV watching snippets of crime shows, daytime talk, and news. I wasn't even paying attention. I was just looking at the screen and thinking about how sucky the day had been.

After less than an hour, I got tired of being so morose. I starting thinking about the problems at hand. I worked them through my mind and suddenly, went into warrior mode. The day was not over! I decided to turn thoughts into action.

The first thing I did was to realize my new job will appear when it is supposed to appear. Then, I wrote a rebuttal to the nasty email (even though my screen was jumping up and down like it was trying out for the bungee Olympics.) Sent that.
THEN, the computer problems. I went into my room, changed my clothes, put a brush through my hair, grabbed my drunken, hiccupping laptop, and drove my car to the computer store. I met with a "geek" and he had me do the paperwork to send my laptop to the Sony Vaio hospital. Then, I walked over to the merchandise area. I already knew what I wanted. I told the guy "I want that!" He did the accounting and I was outta there.

I dragged the box into my computer room and got to work. Plugging, prodding, remembering passwords, gathering software discs, downloading, fixing preferences, etc. etc. Long story short, I was back online with a pretty, updated, new computer within an hour.

The moral of this story is I could have been still laying on my couch licking my wounds and wondering why the world is so crappy right now. I didn't. I thought a thought. I turned the thoughts into action. Now those same thoughts have turned into my new reality.

I am back to my techno normal. I love it. This is a lesson about how we can push emotions aside and use our rational brain cells to make things happen.
Also, this is a reminder to all of us. All we have to do is think of something.
This starts the potential for ACTION.
Our brains can take a part in miracles of our own making.

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namastenancy said...

Viva the art warrior! Brava! I love this post because I have done the same thing - pouted, sulked, gotten all down on myself and then, my better self took over. I got up, got out, got energized and Got Things DONE! I am watching your journey from 3000 miles away and cheering your every step. What you are doing isn't easy but I know that you will succeed. Well, you've already succeeded in ending a job that was killing your slowly. So, onward!Courage! Ars Longa, Vita Brevis!