Monday, March 12, 2012

Art Blog: What is YOUR Story?

Things are FINALLY starting to happen. I can feel it in the spring air. I have always been an artist. However, I have always had a day job too. Through the years, 99% of those jobs have been art educator type positions. I don't want or have that now on which to fall back. I have been dragging my feet trying to get some kind of outside work because I really want to give my art career a boost. I might not be able to live off my art sales, but I am going to at least get some kind of real income going here.

The past couple of months, I have been concentrating on my art as a business. Ironically, I have never really done that before. I mean, I didn't have to. I would go to work, get paid, buy art supplies, and I didn't care if I sold a piece or two when the blue moon shined.

I care now.

So I have started to really put my time and energy into practicing some of the stuff I have learned over the years about art marketing and really paying attention to what makes an artist successful monetarily. I have been looking, reading, watching, and thinking about how to go about this and what will/or/won't work.

An interesting thing happened a week or so ago. Along with all my other self improvement tasks, I started watching Tony Robbins videos. In one of them, he spoke about "your story". This idea isn't really new. It is the same idea as "you are what you think". I started wondering about the numerous stories I have conjured up about myself over the years. Some of them are true. Others are outright lies. One such story that has been in my head for decades is "my art doesn't sell". Along with this concept, I also fed myself other fallacies which explain the reasoning behind these B.S. thoughts: my art isn't in style; my art is too weird; nobody likes my art; yadda, yadda, yadda; ALL of this is B.S. The truth is I have sold my art before. In fact, I have sold a lot of art in my art life. Why have I set up this fence to prevent me from going all out? Why? Who cares. I am over that now.

Today, I had another great day of really paying attention to my art business. I crunched numbers; I put in orders; I brainstormed ideas about new marketing and product ideas. After nine hours of working non-stop, I decided to take a break. I had to go to the store to get something for dinner. While driving, it was like the heavens opened. I had this thought: "Sheree, you have been extremely successful at everything you have tried to do in your life. In fact, you have run against the odds. You can do this too!" I almost stopped the car when I realized this. This is the truth. No matter what is going on, I have the power to do very well at the things I try to do. I know this. It is proven. So, this is going to be my NEW STORY.

So what is your story? Do you tell yourself the truth or do you feed yourself fiction like I did?

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