Friday, November 16, 2012


I am a huge LBGT supporter. I have always felt some kind of weird kinship and empathy for the Gay community. Maybe it is because I am an artist. There are so many gay artists. I have always been surrounded. I relate to them. Even though I am heterosexual, I feel some kind of similar spirit. I too feel like an outcast. I have never fit into our society in the traditional way. For some reason, I have been thinking about the movie "Longtime Companion" all day today. I remember the exact time I saw this film. I was teaching at a college. I had a morning class and an evening class. There was always a gap for me to go do something in the afternoon. One day in 1990, a local art movie theater was showing the movie "Longtime Companion". It was a film about the AIDS epidemic and a group of gay men in NY. I entered the theater early. I went straight down to the front row. I always sit right up front because it is never crowded.
The theater started to fill up and I noticed even the front row was getting full. Drag queens sat on either side of me. I turned around to look at the audience behind me. I was the only female in the theater. The movie started. We all watched the story unfold. It was funny, loving, and true. The end is tragic and sad. As the credits rolled, I lost it. I started to sob LOUD. With my head in my hands, I cried full on into my lap. The drag queens on each side of me grabbed me and said "It is OK honey. It is OK"! I have always remembered their kindness and sincerity. Maybe this is why I am a LGBT supporter.
We both have empathy.


dave94015 said...

Your post illustrates the humanity that comes through when we empathize with others. Many in the GLBT community have suffered not only from AIDS (devastating that it is) but from the insulting attitude that unsympathetic people have for those who don't fit in their picture of "normal". Dorothy Day said: "it's not normal, it's just common". Thanks for a touching post.

Sheree Rensel said...

I totally agree. Thank you so much for reading and commenting!!!