Thursday, January 3, 2013

Art Blog: GOOD Art

OK. Enough of the job stuff. I have a steady income again and I am ready to roll back into my art world. What is next? My mind has been swirling with ideas. I have so much to do. I have already decided to ditch a few of my series and do what I really want to do. I can feel new things coming.

As usual, I have pondered, wondered, and thought about my art too much in the past months. I am like that. I think too much. However, it serves a purpose. It helps me to figure out the next steps in my artistic path. Now that the dust is settling in my new transition, it is time to get to work on my art life. What should I do now?

Today is my day off. I was having fun playing with my dog on my bed. While wrestling and poking my playful attack dog, I looked up at my crazy quilt. I bought this quilt eleven years ago. It is dated 1903. Every square has the initials or name of the quilter. My eyes focused in on one square. It was like I had never seen it before. I imagined the "artist" who created this square. She signed it "M.E.D.". I wondered about her. I also noticed her square was so different from the others.

So here I am in 2013 looking at a tiny quilt square made by a woman in 1903. I am mesmerized. I analyze. I see the WOW. Then, it all came tumbling down. I get it. This is what GOOD ART is supposed to be. It is about the legacy. It is about seeing something you have never seen before even after years of looking. It is about making things that delight you and others. It is something that will be there when you are gone.

M.E.D. You are dead now, but I thought about you.
I love your quilt square.
You did good. :-)

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