Thursday, March 7, 2013

Art Blog: Is your ART relevant?

I think one of the reasons I am sinking my soul into my day job is because I have come to a point in which all my art efforts have become inert. I spent the last year making, hawking, and marketing until the point I am almost blue. No deals. Nothing. Nada. Silence.

I have dealt with rejection for over 40 years, but this is ridiculous. In fact, this doesn't even resemble rejection. What I am experiencing is total indifference. This is worse! I started thinking about the idea of the contemporary relevance of my work. I could stand before you while showing any one of my series and could spiel out the relevance and tell you why my work is current and important. The problem is that isn't really possible. My work is here. You are there. Also, I don't really believe in explaining anything.

I have spoken about MARGARET a number of times. She is 82 years old (83 next week). She is like my imaginary mentor. I look to her and her videos and think "I want to be like her in twenty years!". She just got back from India after spending time with the Siddis quilters. She learned the techniques and has produced a body of work. Now, she is trying to market them or at least find a venue to show the work. She hasn't had great response yet and she tells of her frustration in this video. I totally "get it". I too am amazed at the idea of non-response. It rocks you to the core of your being.

I agree with Margaret (atree3). There is a moat or a bridge (?) between the making of the art and the marketing of the art. Like Margaret, I love the process of the making. I love the alone time. I love the quiet. However, the marketing part is like the Tower of Babel to me. There is all kinds of chitter, chatter, and noise, followed by a deafening silence. This is OK though. I know Margaret's work is incredible. I know what I do is right and true. We are both on one side of the BRIDGE.
Come join us.

Click on photo to hear some atree3 brilliance!

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nancy namaste said...

I posted this marvelous video on my blog with a link to your blog, wondering what comments I would get. Well, the first one, so far, was pretty clueless as to why we want to sell our work. We want to make a living as artists and we want to be validated. DUH! But the woman's cluelessness showed how far artists are from being truly validated by the public. It's a shame but I don't know what you can do, other than keep on working.

I also sent Margart's links to a fellow artist - now she understands and also, is always struggling with little or no sales.