Friday, March 15, 2013

Art Blog: Just get it DONE

Every artist knows what it is like to be alone. I mean really alone. Studio time is solitary. We can go hours and days without speaking to anyone as we hunch over our potentially brilliant creations. During these times, it is easy to get inside our own heads. The tape is running constantly. Not only are we thinking about what color to use next or whether to use wood or canvas, we also let our minds drift into the areas of what will be the response to this work? How will it be received? Will this piece lead to the next or will it be a onetime wonder? What? Why? How? Where? When?

Blah, blah, blah. Shhhhhh.... There are times when you want your mind to just STOP! This is why I like this Warhol quote so much. I can hear Andy's squeaky voice mouthing the words. "Just get it done!" "Let other's decide..." In other words, we are not in it at that point. Our work as artists is about making the art. Once it is done, our job is to make more. Let the art go out into the Universe and others can take it or leave it. It isn't about us anymore.

Yesterday, I was browsing Facebook and Karen Keimig Warner put up a link to an artist, Daniel Essig. He is a sculptor and maker of handmade books. I went to the link and I was blown away. His work is pure beauty. As I shuffled through all the photos in his portfolio, I was taken aback. The work is raw, natural, and amazing. The thought came to me that some of this work is not for everyone. I mean, unless you have a certain kind of art "eye", you might think some of this work is wonky or weird. Obviously, Daniel doesn't care about that kind of judgment. He just keeps making art. HIS ART. As artists we are alone in the studio, but thankfully we are still connected to each other via the internet and community. We need to embrace each other and share our commonalities. We should cheer each other on because we know what we do is good and right.
So just get it done.

Seeing this handmade book sculpture took my breath away.
"While they are deciding, make even more art!" says Mr. Warhol.
It looks like this is what Daniel Essig does.
Bravo to him!!
Click photo to see more of Mr. Essig's wonderful works.

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