Friday, April 5, 2013

Art Blog: Pure Creativity

Before I say anything, I would like you to look at this work. What do you think? Do you have ideas about the artist? The work?

This week, I viewed a documentary titled "MAKE". This film documents the works of a few outsider artists. One artist in the movie is Judith Scott(1943-2005). Born with Down Syndrome and rendered deaf after suffering Scarlet Fever during infancy, she lived with her family until age 7. As was the custom of the time, she was put in an institution around 1950. Also, she had a twin sister, Joyce.

Joyce endured emotional pain being separated from her twin, Judith. Finally in 1986, Joyce became Judith's legal guardian and took her home to live with her family. Joyce enrolled Judith in day care facility for the disabled called "Creative Growth". It was quickly discovered Judith was not a painter. She had no interest 2D art. However, she started collecting objects from the studio and began wrapping and knotting. The works above are just a few of the hundreds she made over the last years of her life.

The reason I wanted to write about Judith's work is because I am fascinated by the fact she didn't call herself an artist. She didn't really know what art is. She just had the compulsion to create. She had a ongoing creative obsession. If you have the opportunity to see the film "MAKE", you will see she is very self driven and possessive of her art works. She was not being guided to do the work. It was her work.

We know so little about our brains and creativity. We all have notions of what it is to be creative. We all have our opinions about who is or who is not an artist. However, people like Judith are here to remind us of how we know so little about real art or the seeds of creative process. Her work has given me new thoughts and ideas about motivation and my own inner longing to MAKE art. This is Judith Scott, the artist.

Click to go to the "MAKE" website to view the trailer of this documentary.

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