Thursday, May 9, 2013


I remember seeing Jamie Fox speak about "The Mist" during an Oprah interview. He told of how when he wasn't famous, people didn't think much of him at all. Women told him he wasn't attractive and he had bad teeth, etc. Then after his acclaim for his performance in "Ray", he suddenly became handsome and desirable. Women would tell him how hot he was. He called this the MIST. It was as if someone sprayed him with a glitter of favor, he became popular and approved. This is what media and social opinion does to all of us.

I have thought about this concept since hearing him speak. I had a light bulb moment. I had a revelation. I started thinking about artists who are celebrated. I even equated the MIST with local art scenes. It is so much about popularity and social "butterflyism". It isn't so much what you do. I have seen a whole lot of crappy art created by celebrated artists. It is more about who you are and how people perceive you. You have to have the MIST.

I am sure many of you have gone to an art show and thought "My work is just as good as this artist or that artist. Why are they getting all this notice." It has to do with who you know or who likes you. If an art advocate has power, it might benefit you if they touch you with the sparkling spray of anointment.

Sometimes it is just a matter of being a part of a certain community at a certain point in time. Being in the right place at the right moment helps loads. Also, you have to be out there and part of the social scene. That is how you get people to collect your art. If you have a big personality, fit the mold of what they perceive as an "art star", and are a part of the social art scene, you might gain the MIST.

I saw this article about studio visits. It was written by Walter Robinson, former editor-in-chief of Artnet. This guy has connections! However, even he has had interesting moments trying to get noticed, let alone obtain the glorious favor of curators and collectors. He is seeking the MIST. I too wish someone could spray me with good favor. Yet in my heart of hearts, I know I am not social enough. I don't want to play the social game. It never was and never will be part of my being.
I am screwed. LOL

DeKooning sitting in his studio

Click the pic to read about Walter's studio visits. It is enlightening.