Thursday, October 10, 2013


I have written before about my fascination with self taught, naive, or outsider artists. I love their work because of the purity of heart which drives them to create. Ultimately, this same energy emanates through their work.
One such artist is Emery Blagdon (1907-1986). He was an ordinary man. He was very eccentric, but not a recluse. He was from a small, rural town who accepted his unusual ways. Emory made what he called "Pretties". For most of his life, he worked on a large vernacular environment titled "The Healing Machine". He did not identify himself as an artist. He liked to be considered an inventor of this magical installation which emitted static energy and had the power to heal. His story is as interesting as his life work. I don't need to explain more because we are lucky enough to have this beautiful video that summarizes his life and the happy ending for his obsession. This video is a bit long (26:40), but well worth the watch. Bookmark it for later if necessary. It will inspire you to create and live your life with magical motivation.
"The Healing Machine" Video
(click pic to watch)

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