Sunday, November 3, 2013

Art Blog: Horizontal Transcendence

This is an ancient representation of Buddha. This sculpture was made without the need or desire to anthropomorphize Buddha. Most representations after this piece was created, depict Buddha in a human form. We do this often. All religions create images that relate to ourselves. I love the depiction of the peach cheeked Virgin Mary which hangs over my bed. It is comforting, just like the dogma of all religions. There is something about religion that gives us a universal hug. It makes us all feel better.

I am not religious. I embrace spirituality. I believe in all religions. They are basically the same. We are all striving for life guidance. We all feel the weakness of humanity and seek to find something bigger and more powerful than ourselves. We all want unconditional love. All our Gods give us that.

When I have meditated, I have always visualized it as a kind of out of body experience. I saw my spirit rising up above and looking down on my reality. When I watched this TED video by Michael Stone, my concepts of meditation were redirected. I realized I shouldn't look down. Vertical transcendence was not the answer. I really shouldn't want to get "up and out of here". Instead, I should try to move from side to side. I need to experience life here on the ground. Instead of wishing for a new reality, I would love to mingle and enjoy what exists on the vast, horizontal, human plane before me.

Michael Stone says it much better. This video is worth a look. In the meantime, I am meditating and looking around from a horizontal point of view. It is all right here beside me. I have to find comfort in this vision and experience.

TEDxToronto 2013 Talk: Michael Stone
Click pic to watch video